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Fire Door Inspection: What Checks You Should Do For Fire Safety

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Fire inspections are conducted by many licensed and reputed fire fighting companies in Dubai , a basic understanding of how fire inspections are conducted can help you prepare better for these inspections. When faced with fire, fire doors offer a line of protection. They can help anyone in the building to safely evacuate by holding back fire and smoke and help with the building’s compartmentalization, giving local brigades time to take part in the burns.

If you are the responsible person for your building, you must take necessary efforts to protect life. This includes fire doors as well as fire safety measures in your building can be made an important contribution. It is critical to ensure that fire doors are in good condition to save lives.

We have a guide on fire door inspections for you and your business, so that you may check your doors often and help you maintain them in good shape.

Fire Door Checklist

Have a checklist on internal fire portals when you do your own check. To help you perform these checks – utilise a checklist for each entrance in your building. You may consult your fire fighting contractors in Dubai.


The signing of all fire doors as a fire door should be proper. Specific fire doors, such as those linked directly to the fire alarm or fire doors safeguarding the services of the building, need the installation of specialised signs. On both sides of the entrance, signs should be present.


You should not paint the seals around your door to avoid damage. To provide the protection needed, you should make sure that seals run all around the door and smoke seals are in touch with the door.


Check that they are in good condition and that you have three hinges. This indicates that all the screws are inserted, no oil leaks, no damage and have the proper CE stamp.


The leaf of the door should be flat with the frame against the door. The door itself must be free of damage and all veneers or lippings are strongly attached without any peels.


Make sure you are firmly fastened to the wall without harm when testing your fire door frame. Don’t forget to verify that the doorstop is firmly fixed.

Threshold Gap

The gap below the door permits the door to swing freely closed. Nothing should be blocked and there should be an 8-10mm gap when it’s sealed between the floor and the door. If a door needs a cold smoke screen, the maximum allowable gap is 3 mm.


Check for damage and oil leaks in your fire doors and check for their firm connection to the door and frame. Verify that the door may be closed according to the frame when closed (check both doors if you have a double set). Depending on your application, closing times should be 5-20 seconds – if the tension is excessive and the door closes too fast, this can be a risk of entrapment.


If there is a glazed window in one of your fire portals, check that no damage or crack occurs. Check that the beadings are firmly secured on each side and make sure the glass and beading are covered with an intumescent seal. Security glass should be below 1500mm.

Fire Door Inspection Cost

Some of the following and more are involved in professional fire door inspections. An inspector of the fire door will have the required skills and training for an even more detailed evaluation of your doors (if any are required). There are no two buildings that are ever the same and the quantity of sites and doors could have an impact on that expense in the event of a fire door inspection.

What’s crucial is that you can reach leading fire fighting companies in UAE Ray-Force utilising our expertise in practical experience in Inspectionswe can provide you best consultation services. Tell us how many fire doors you have across how many sites and when you have inspected them for the last time, and we will talk to you about them.