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First plane trip: tips and Step-by-Step What to do


First plane trip: Tips and step-by-step what to do:

Are you going on your first plane trip, but still don’t know how to proceed? All good! Certainly you are experiencing a mixture of feelings that go through the excitement of trying something new and not knowing how to act. The butterflies in the stomach is normal, after all, it is really a novelty.

Getting to know different destinations, new people and experiencing other cultures is, in fact, a gift. And the practicality and speed of the plane is a great advantage. But there are still some questions regarding booking, online check-in, where to check your bag, connection, etc.

That’s why we’ve prepared a step-by-step guide for you to learn a little more about aviation’s own terms and understand about this world.

We are sure your plane trip will be unforgettable. Plus, you’ll notice how smooth the entire procedure is and you’ll want to fly again and again!

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To make it easier, also use the menu below and go straight to your main doubts.

How to buy airline tickets:

To start your first plane trip, it is important to secure air tickets. And, to make this purchase, it’s very simple: just download the Passagens Application and follow the promotions we post every day in real time.

Air ticket prices usually vary according to the time, day of the week, whether direct or connecting flights. After your choice, when purchasing on the website of one of our partner agencies, you will need to provide your information (name, valid ID number, telephone and email) and pay by credit card or bank slip. Bank officer.

From this, a reservation code will be generated that needs to be taken on the day of departure (no printing required) or it will be used at the time of online check-in.

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Online and airport check-in:

For those who are traveling on their first plane, check-in is essential. The standard procedure is to confirm your place. It is during the procedure that documents, luggage and the electronic reservation code for baggage check and boarding pass must be presented.

There are three ways it can be done:


Internet check-in certainly guarantees more agility. When you arrive at the airport, you can go straight to the departure gate if you don’t have any luggage to check. The process is very simple: access the airline’s website, fill in the requested data and print the card that will be generated (or download the file to your cell phone).

Airline counter:

In this case, just look for the counter of your airline at the airport and your check-in will be done by an employee of the company. Remember that it is important to arrive at least an hour in advance. It will be necessary to present an official document with a photo and, in the case of international travel, a passport and entry visa for the destination country – if required.

Self-service machine:

Self-service machines are another way to check-in at the airport. It will also be necessary to have the documents in hand to perform the procedure.

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Carry-on and checked baggage:

When it comes to luggage, many people still have doubts about what is or is not allowed. The rules that determine weight and size, what can be carried in hand luggage and what must be checked, in fact, confuse those traveling by plane for the first time and even the most experienced.

Hand baggage:

Hand luggage is that which you do not need to check, which can be taken to the cabin at no additional cost, under the responsibility of the passenger. It is in this suitcase that documents, money, keys, electronics and other fragile, important or valuable objects should be stored. In addition, of course, to other pieces that you think are important. To know  about visa

The item is, in fact, the passenger’s right, but, for this, it is necessary to comply with requirements: if the flight has origin or destination in India, the maximum weight is 10kg and the maximum dimensions are 55 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm (height, width and length) including pockets, wheels and handle. If not, it must be dispatched.

#Tip: We have prepared a complete text about hand luggage, with what is allowed on your trip.

Checked baggage:

Checked baggage is nothing more than the suitcase that goes inside the plane’s hold. Delivered to the airline upon check-in, it is returned to the passenger upon disembarkation.

But, it’s worth keeping an eye out! The rules of the National Civil Aviation Agency – ANAC allow airlines flying from India to determine their commercial strategy, and can define the weight and value of luggage.

Some of them even created a differentiation of fares, with tickets that include the checked bag in the final price (generally more expensive) and others that do not (cheaper). For Visa Application

So, if it is necessary to purchase this extra, the value can cost between $ 60 and $ 120 and, for the most part, the maximum weight allowed is 23 kg.