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Five Communities Which Are Just Like F95zone


There are a lot of gaming communities where people express themselves and assert their dominance as expert gamers. However, only a few of them are qualified enough to fill in the boots of the F95ZONE community. If you are looking for something which can replace the F95ZONE community, then take a look at the following gaming communities which are as good as F95ZONE.



A rather less violent game which has managed to bring together thousands of young gamers during the time of pandemic. There are a lot of features which have garnered the attention of these gamers and made this one of the most popular games ever made. A sequel to the Left for Dead, this sequel adds to the value of this game and offers a lot to the players. If it is an extremely feasible alternative to the F95ZONE that you are looking for, then you should definitely give this game a try.


  • Skip The Games

Skip The Games is the seventh instalment in the  games series and it has managed to gain a lot of popularity over the time. The gameplay is quite smooth and it also offers a lot of other features which makes it easier for the players to interact with each other and bring the mission to an end rather quickly. If you have been unable to find an alternative to F95ZONE, then you should definitely consider skip the games  as an effective alternative to the same.



Small Big Planet is a highly popular game which has a lot to offer to its players. The game is full of surprises and never fails to amaze its players. A part of the Little Big Planet series, the game is user friendly and the gameplay depends extensively on how the players interact with the characters. The reaction of gamers to the different situations of the game is also a fun way to enhance the overall gameplay, and that is why you should consider this game series a great alternative to the F95ZONE gaming community.



Battlefield is considered more violent than the rest of the games on this list and is known to have a separate fan base among gamers across the world. It is a highly intense game which keeps the players engaged throughout the gameplay and it is highly recommended to use as an effective alternative to the F95ZONE gaming community.



Last but not the least, this series of games has managed to secure a spot on our list due to the sincerity with which it has been entertaining the gamers across the world. If you are looking for something reliable and equally fun, then you should totally consider this gaming series as an alternative to F95ZONE.


You must try at least one or all of the above-mentioned gaming platforms to explore the wide range of fun that the internet has to offer in the form of gaming communities. Although, it is advised that you read the risks associated with using these gaming forums in order to not fall prey to any type of cyber threat.