Five Most Interesting Things To Do in Big Bear

Big Bear is a hotspot for endless adventure and travel, located in California. It takes two hours from Los Angeles to reach this gorgeous place, featuring the San Bernardino Mountains over 6700 feet, beautiful landscapes, … Read More

Things to do in Big Bear

Big Bear is a hotspot for endless adventure and travel, located in California. It takes two hours from Los Angeles to reach this gorgeous place, featuring the San Bernardino Mountains over 6700 feet, beautiful landscapes, national forests, public parks, valleys, and incredible attractions. During winters, the site experiences a surplus of snow and great opportunities to enjoy the scenic serene. 

Being the smallest city, it holds a large number of people like tourists and local inhabitants. One can begin his trip and enjoy the water of Big Bear Lake, a central sightseeing spot catering to some fun activities, like fishing, boating, and swimming. Spring and Fall seasons are the best time to explore the iconic city when the weather is pleasant and less crowded. 

Best Things to do in Big Bear

Here is the detailed guide that will help you find the interesting things to do in Big Bear. Have a look.

Skiing and Snowboarding at Big Bear Mountain Resort

If you are thinking of some adventurous things to do in Big Bear, skiing and snowboarding are the best activities. There is this place, Mountain Resort which lies in Southern California and is divided into two distinct mountain regions, including Snow Summit and Bear Mountain. Each site has unique features and base areas situated less than three miles from one another. Another famous spot in the resort is SoCal, represented on the slopes of Bear Mountain, famous for skateboarding and surfing culture. Tourists can relish some of the everlasting holiday experiences and return with lots of memorable moments.  

See the wildlife up close with your naked eyes at Big Bear Alpine Zoo

Unlike traditional zoos, the Big Bear Alpine Zoo has given shelter to orphaned and injured animals since 1959. The residents in the zoo are short-term guests who are then transferred to their natural habitats. Tourists can find unique opportunities to see a number of wild animals from a close distance, including black bears, foxes, and snow leopards. Besides this, the zoo is home to several bird species, such as big birds, golden eagles, and great horned owls, and other animals such as American badgers, gray wolves, and flying squirrels. Being so close, humans can’t touch the animals, and only the trained zookeepers are allowed to go near the animals.

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Hike in the Castle Rock Trail

Castle Rock is one of the famous hiking trails surrounded by the beautiful San Bernardino National Forest. The trail is over a mile with approximately 800 feet, and its steepness gives the hikers a moderate rating, found near the lake’s Southwest shore, less than a mile from Boulder Bay Park. Apart from this, another popular hiking route, the Cougar Crest Trail, connects to the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail. For even a more challenging and adventurous hiking trail, tourists can go to the Skyline Trail, which is a 15-mile route surrounded by a vast mountain region suitable for hiking and mountain biking activities. You can make KLM Booking and get a chance to explore the delightful sites of Big Bear with your travel partners. 

Go for Boating Activities at Boulder Bay Park

Boulder Bay Park is an iconic holiday destination, offering the perfect postcard image of Big Bear. The park is surrounded by crystal clear water, vast rock islands, mountains, and lush greenery, giving visitors a sense of happiness and peace. It is located two miles east of the Big Bear Valley Dam, another beautiful place featuring recreation and tourism throughout the year. 

Summer is the best time to visit the park and participate in fun activities, like picnicking, while enjoying the charming scenes and capturing them forever in your eyes. Besides this, boating is a popular activity for boaters to paddle out to the boulder islands and have a great time with their travel partners. The park dances in beautiful colors in the spring and autumn season. In April, you can see the beautiful wildflowers covering the whole park and the surrounding mountains. 

Spend the Night at a Cabin in Bear Park

Visitors can find numerous vacation rental spaces in Big Bear to spend the night. The coziest accommodation cabins built near the lake are the best stay options to consider during the trip to Big Bear. One of the popular spots is the Laken Haus, located on a small peninsula near the southside of the lake. It comprises three bedrooms, and you can relax while enjoying the peaceful views of nature. Another good option is the Lakefront Chalet on Boulder Bay, a family-friendly place suitable for groups of eight people. You can complete your Delta airlines book a flight process in advance and get ready to indulge in adventurous activities.  

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