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Follow These Driving Tips To Retain Your Tyres Condition

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Tyres are the fundamental connection between a vehicle and the road, therefore, they should be properly taken care of, for maximizing their lifespan and overall performance of the car. Good quality tyres will not just provide you with a comfortable and pleasant driving experience, but they will ensure your safety as well. On the contrary, poor-quality tyres will reduce the fuel efficiency and handling competence of your car.

Moreover, accurately maintained tyres make your driving experience smoother and quieter. They also enhance the acceleration, steering response, and braking quality of the car. According to the car experts, an ideal tyre must provide steering precision, good mileage, wear slowly, and give the best overall performance. And for that to happen, you must maintain your car tyres routinely.

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Must-follow Tyre Care Tips While Driving

We come across many situations and conditions while driving, sometimes due to our inappropriate driving habits that can adversely affect the health of our tyres. Hence, we have created a list of easy-to-follow tyre maintenance tips, which if followed routinely can increase the lifespan of your tyres.

Check air pressure regularly – The tyre pressure has a significant impact on the steering, braking, handling, and mileage of the car. If the tyres are not adequately inflated their rolling resistance will increase, leading to more fuel consumption, and the tyres will tear and wear more quickly. If there is not enough inflation pressure in the tyres, it can result in a blowout, causing loss of control of the car.

To avoid any such danger or breakdowns, it’s essential to get your air pressure checked once a month, including the spare tyres. You must also check the pressure before leaving for a long journey or when your car is loaded with more weight than usual.

Maintain adequate pressure – Each tyre has its inflation pressure specified by its manufacturer. You must check the specifications manual and maintain the pressure accordingly. Optimal pressure in the tyre enhances the fuel efficiency, safety, braking, and handling ability of the car.

Do not over-inflate – While filling the air in your radials, be careful about the quantity of air that you are putting in. Both over- and under-inflation can lead to dangerous situations, but over-inflation could be very risky as it can cause tyres to blast, hampering the safety of other drivers on the road as well. So, to save yourself and others from such a condition, make sure to not overfill the tyres.

Never accelerate or brake very hard – Whenever you are driving, keep in mind that you never brake or accelerate too hard as it can put lots of pressure on the tyres challenging the car’s stability and the rubber quality of the tyre will be lost out meaning the tyres will wear faster than usual and you will have to re-invest in them in a short time.

Follow specified tyres rotation – To maintain uniform tread wear and to get the most of your tyres, it’s advised to rotate the tyres every 6,000-8,000 miles. Tyre rotations are basically of 3 types – front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, and four-wheel drive, you must check the specification manual of your tyre manufacturer and determine which one’s suitable for your car. Each wheel of your car has non-uniform features that make it necessary to rotate the tyres on a routine basis.

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