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Forklift Leasing has even greater growth potential during the Crisis


We has a market of approximately 20 thousand forklifts sold per year, of which 50% are rented by companies. A very different reality from the truck segment, where leasing represents only 1% of the national fleet.

And the growth potential of forklift rental is still very large. While USA has eight of these devices for every 100,000 inhabitants, in Germany, for example, there are 100 machines for every 100,000 people.

David Andrew is betting on the expansion of this market, especially during the crisis, when the advantages of leasing are even greater. In addition to cost savings, which can reach 30% compared to own machines, forklift rental contracts also include vehicle maintenance and even operator training.

“Our differential is having the financial capacity to meet any customer demand, with availability even for large forklift fleets”, informs Renato Vaz, director of David.

As in its truck rental area, David also customizes its forklift fleet, according to the needs of each customer, with electric or combustion machines of all sizes and implements.

The David executive exposes other advantages of forklift rental. “The lease does not require entry and has reduced installments. In addition, there is more agility to increase the fleet, if necessary. And, to top it off, the rental company manages the vehicles and provides full support to the customer in any critical moments,” he says Renato Vaz.

Used Cars and Liquidity:

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in USA, David Andrew has been launching new services to help its clients deal with the crisis. Among them are the rental of used vehicles, including trucks and forklifts, and the David Liquidity Plan (PML), in which the rental company buys the customer’s fleet, but the customer continues to use the same goods, paying a rent.

These new businesses are also part of a strategic repositioning of David Andrew, which began last year. In order to consolidate itself among the players in the rental market, the company doubled its vehicle volume, focusing mainly on the logistics and SME (small and medium-sized companies) segments, with the leasing of trucks, forklifts and cars.

Focus Account:

David Corporate Fleets also recently launched a tool to help companies compare outsourcing costs with those of their own fleet.”, developed by economics professors at USP, exclusively for David. Forklift Driving Tips

After contacting the rental company, the interested party receives a link to make the simulation. All you have to do is fill in a form with the details of the vehicles you own or intend to buy, such as purchase value, financial cost, tax, licensing, insurance and administrative costs. From there, the spreadsheet automatically generates the entire cash flow of the operation, calculating the Net Present Value and shows which is the best option for that company, whether leasing or purchasing the vehicle.

The data entered in the “Account in Focus” spreadsheet is confidential and protected by a data security system.

About David

Founded 31 years ago David Andrew is part of a group founded by businessman, which also operates in the real estate and hotel sectors.

For David, the difference in the rental market is the relationship with the customer. A survey carried out in January of this year, by SK , indicated a satisfaction rate with its services above 95%, measured by the NPS methodology.

Since 2013, the David Group has been undergoing a restructuring process. The founder’s sons , who work at the company, adopted a professionalization model, also hiring market executives, to support the expected growth and give the management muscle.

Recently, the David Group reformulated its brands, which are now aligned with the new positioning and growth strategy of these companies.