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Four Tips for Choosing the Best Dedicated Server Provider


A dedicated server is a reliable and powerful computer, and it consists of enterprise-grade or datacenter hardware resources. These resources are solely dedicated to a single client so that they can optimally meet their website performance requirements. A dedicated server is powerful and reliable, and it can deliver optimal performance for all your applications or websites. You can rent the physical server (or servers) and reserve it on a network for your exclusive use. Hence, you do not have to worry about other websites clogging up your server’s CPU, RAM, and storage, which could otherwise impact the performance of your website.

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As compared to other hosting solutions, such as shared hosting and virtual private server (VPS) hosting, dedicated servers allow the user to exercise the most control over the server on which they store their website. It gives you full root and admin access, allowing you to control everything you run on the server, from its operating system to security features. If your website requires better reliability, stability, and flexibility, dedicated server hosting is the right solution for you. You can seamlessly host your business-critical applications without fearing any latency during a traffic surge, and provide your end-users with a seamless user experience. Moreover, managed dedicated server hosting frees you from the overhead challenges so that you can focus on operating your website. You get access to a custom control panel in dedicated server hosting that allows you to manage everything from one place. You can reboot or power cycle your website whenever you need, manage all the domains, websites, and email addresses within the server.

If you are concerned about the performance and security of your website, it is best to switch to dedicated server hosting as it gives you full control over the security provisions to keep the website safe on the server. Moreover, the high-level customization it offers enables users to run the specific workflow without any hassle. You can easily configure its processing power and memory usage to fulfill your demanding needs and keep your website up and functional even when the traffic surge is very high. There are various dedicated server hosting solutions available in the market. But the efficiency of the hosting service will depend on the capabilities of your vendor. Here are few things to consider to find the best-dedicated server providers.

Assess Your Requirements

You need to primarily assess your website requirements to decide if your dedicated server hosting is the right solution or other less expensive hosting services will suffice. If your website experiences very high traffic levels, or if you plan to use various custom features, such as streaming video or high-resolution images, dedicated server hosting is the best choice. Moreover, if you are concerned about the sensitive data your website contains, or if you are anticipating explosive growth soon, you must switch to dedicated server hosting. You can list that the functionalities you expect your server to deliver to reduce internal IT frustrations and optimize overall application performance.

Uptime Guarantee

A dedicated server’s availability is ultimately the most critical aspect of your website operation. Assess the uptime metric your vendor provides, a 100% uptime guarantee is ideal, and most vendors in the market provide 99.9% or more. If it is less than 99%, it is a matter of concern. You need to eliminate any possible downtime so that you don’t miss out on any business opportunities. The vendor must have fault tolerance built at every point in the data centers so that even when the network fails, the server will be available at any time you need. Uptime guarantee allows you to assess the reliability of your vendor.

Traffic Volume and Bandwidth Restrictions

Ensure that your vendor uses high-performance bandwidth. You can ask your vendor if they provide additional guaranteed bandwidth options and unlimited, unmetered traffic. Ensure that they do not restrict the bandwidth capacity so that you can maintain constant throughput for ingress and egress traffic. Moreover, if they allow you to increase the bandwidth-on-demand so that you can easily accommodate the occasional traffic surge or to conduct software updates. Assess if the vendor’s bandwidth offering is ideal for network load peaks.

Customization Flexibility

Dedicated server hosting is the best hosting solution because it enables the tenant to configure the hardware resources as per their requirements. You need to assess if your provider allows you to adequately exercise your control to customize the dedicated server as you want. You should be able to choose the operating system of your choice to run the server, CPU type, and several core processors, determine its RAM, and use the right hard disk or SSD storage solution. Moreover, you should also be able to configure its security features at the physical level (authorization, authentication, and more), logical level (firewalls, intrusion detection, antivirus, and more), and data level (encryption, recovery, back up, and more). It is desirable if your vendor holds security certification from a reputed company.

To Conclude:

The points mentioned above will help you to source out the right dedicated server hosting provider. It will enable the server to encompass the full potential of your website, and enable it to deliver maximum performance thoroughly.