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Free VPN for Torrenting in 2021


Before we get into our top 3 picks, it’s important that you understand the risks of using a free VPN for torrenting. We don’t want to recommend any outright dangerous options, so let us show you exactly how they work and why they’re not worth your time.

By using a VPN for torrenting, you may:

  • risk your personal data being logged and sold to third parties without you knowing
  • risk being identified by law enforcement officers
  • be annoyed by advertisements from third parties
  • have access to only few servers
  • Not be able to use dedicated P2P servers at all
  • tend to have slower speeds
  • Frequent disconnections with the Internet can be frustrating
  • have to use “overloaded servers

A top free vpn can be a great option if you don’t need to secure your activity at all times. Freemium providers usually make money from advertising, selling logged data and having an unlimited premium version. However, this is not the best way for users who want more security because it means that they are being watched by Big Brother in exchange of keeping their activities private so we only recommend freemium options on our lists but no full-fledged ones which cost quite some bucks.

You need to understand that maintaining a virtual private network costs a lot of money as most companies charge around $10 -$20 per month with additional fees for payment methods or addons like single device connections etc . To offer it for free usually means that the service provider is making money by selling your data or allowing third parties to advertise on their website.

Top 3 Free VPN for Torrenting

If you’re looking for a VPN with the most affordable plans, it may be worthwhile to consider these options but read our full reviews. If your main concern is security and privacy of data, make sure that any provider you go with has some sort of protection against malware or viruses because unprotected internet can pose serious threats to users’ identity online.

Remember to set up your BitTorrent, uTorrent, or Vuze application with the VPN tunnel so that it only uses internet traffic through the VPN. If you don’t configure this correctly and torrent in another way like using a different ISP as a mediator between seeder/leechers then there could be disastrous consequences for privacy.

Atlas VPN

If you want a VPN that doesn’t have any bandwidth limits, AtlasVPN is our top pick. One of the best features about this service is its internet kill switch which keeps your IP secure in case the connection fails. It does come with some restrictions so it might not be for everyone; however, overall it’s an excellent choice!

Free users can get access to three server locations – the Netherlands, New York in the USA, and Los Angeles in the USA. This should be enough for most people.It will be hard to download things on your phone because there are a lot of people on the internet. You can still download things and it’s not too bad.

2. Hide Me VPN

With its 2GB monthly traffic cap, 3 servers and the free version of Hide.me VPN, you may be better off investing in a different service if your appetite for GB is bigger. We experienced slower speeds with this service but occasional connection drops could make P2P file downloads or uploads painful experiences instead!

While Hide.me offers a wide variety of security protocols, there have been reports that it leaks DNS and WebRTC information which can compromise one’s anonymity and privacy. Additionally, since torrenting is related to piracy and copyright infringement we believe you should choose the best option for protecting yourself when using this protocol with your VPN service provider.

Windscribe VPN

Windscribe, a VPN service provider that offers 10 GB monthly data for free and has more than 13 servers in 50+ countries worldwide. Windscribe’s other competitor usually offer only 3 servers whereas it is offering 100+. This company also ensures good speed connection so you can share files easily with your friend/family member abroad.

When you want to download a movie or show with a free VPN, make sure it has good security and privacy features.

Avoid these free VPNs for torrenting

Don’t use these free VPNs when you are downloading something. It can hurt your security.

  • VPNGate is a volunteer-based VPN network that has thousands of peers in over 230 countries. However, this free service doesn’t have the best privacy features and does keep extensive logs on user usage and connections. For these reasons, VPNGate is a free VPN that you should avoid. As our VPNGate review shows, it can be very difficult to find the right server and speeds are often terrible. This volunteer based service discourages P2P file sharing so there’s not much reason for us to recommend this product anyways!
  • Hola VPN is a possible scam that has been called out by many cybersecurity experts. The service may actually be malicious and used to launch DDoS attacks, according to our Hola VPN review. You’ll thank us when we save you from all the potential risks associated with this free product! Hola VPN has been used to commit cyber crimes and get away with it. Hiding behind the façade of a free service is pretty dangerous as your IP address can be easily traced back by criminals if you are not careful about where you go on the internet or what information that may have available for them to use against others online. Steer clear from this shady “free” network we do not advise using their services!
  • Some reviewers may actually recommend Betternet VPN as a free alternative to torrenting. The online security and privacy front in our Betternet review scored very low (4/10). For those who are not familiar with the term, “Five Eyes” is an intelligence alliance for cooperation between five of some of the world’s most powerful countries: Australia, Canada, New Zealand and United Kingdom. Betternet keeps connection logs because it serves third-party advertisements on its platform which means that your data could be at risk in case you use this free VPN service to torrent files. Furthermore since P2P file sharing isn’t supported by their software then using a BitTorrent or uTorrent client can be painful while connected through betternet. In conclusion we would say if you’re looking for a free vpn provider just go commando instead!

Free VPN Alternatives for Torrenting

There are many VPN services out there, but not all of them can be considered as top-notch. We tried and we failed to find a free option that could actually protect your privacy in the virtual world while offering fast speeds at the same time. It’s hard for us too because our mission is to help you keep yourself safe online through this blog! However, when one candidate comes up with remarkable results – which means protecting users’ data from hackers or third parties without compromising their speed – we will update this page right away so do check back once in awhile if possible!

Torrenting is a form of file sharing that has its own risks. With anonymous torrents, content providers such as Spotify and Netflix cannot block your access to their websites because they do not know who you are or what computer you are using when it comes to BitTorrent traffic. However, if these companies were able to identify the real IP address associated with your account while accessing an anonymized website on uTorrent or Vuze in particular , there could be serious consequences for doing so like fines from copyright infringement laws . Torrenting should never appear alongside browsing geo-blocked sites like YouTube which have censored videos but no peer connections available due to censorship by certain countries’ governments.”

When it comes to BitTorrent, uTorrent (a type of software ) used to be the “king of torrents”, but recently it has been criticized by several IT security experts for its vulnerability. Not only is your BitTorrent download affected if you opt for a free VPN service that keeps logs, but also according to our PureVPN review , the provider records some information too which might not go down well with users who want to torrent anonymously online. According to some sources, VPN providers can actually decrypt your information and use it against you while others are just unable to protect you from DDoS attacks! If this concerns you then do read on for more details about our findings after testing the top free & paid VPNs for P2P file sharing.

If you’re a torrenting pirate, don’t worry. In 2021 your free VPN for Torrenting will be available to everyone! The US government is currently exploring the idea of making a “Free and Open” internet where all content can be accessed without restriction or censorship. This would mean that even if some websites are blocked in certain countries, they could still access them by using an American IP address with their Free VPN for torrenting service. We’re not sure how this will work out but it sounds like something worth keeping our eyes on as we head into 2020 and beyond.