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Full Guide to Recover Deleted Games in Windows 10


How Games Are Deleted from Your Windows 10

Have you ever deleted your favorite games along with funk files by mistake? How terrible it will be. More seriously, if you have played that game for a long time, it’s a big loss since lots of game data will also be removed. What will you do?

In fact, except for careless deletion, games loss may take place due to many reasons, such as virus invasion, sudden power failure and wrong formatting. But there is no need to worry because it is likely to recover deleted games.

According to different situations, the methods to restore deleted games are various. In this post, we are going to show you how to recover deleted games along with game data on Windows computer.


How to Recover Deleted Games in Windows 10

Solution 1 – Check Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin is a Windows inbuilt application that can keep the deleted files, folders, apps and games from computer temporarily. Thus, Recycle Bin gives you an opportunity to recover deleted games as long as it hasn’t been emptied.
Now, let’s go to recover games via Recycle Bin.

① Double click Recycle Bin to enter it.

② Check files in it to find the games you want to recover.

③ Select needed items. Right click them and choose Restore from menu.

Then, you can check them in the original storage locations.

Solution 2 – Make Use of File History

File History is another method to recover deleted games. There is only one precondition – you have enabled it on your Windows 10. Follow these steps, and you can restore the deleted games.

① In File Explorer, find the folder that once contained the lost game files.

② Right click the folder and choose Properties.

③ Go to Previous Versions tab to check if there are available file histories. If yes, select one version containing the deleted game files to recover.


Solution 3 – Use Windows File Recovery Tool

You can also use Windows File Recovery tool to recover deleted games on Windows 10. However, it is only supported by Windows 10 20H1 and later version of Windows 10. This is a free tool, but it’s not preinstalled. You need to download it from Microsoft Store and then install on Windows 10 computer.

Windows File Recovery tool has two recovery modules: Regular mode and Extensive mode. The former one is usually used to recover data deleted currently on NTFS partition. The latter is used to recover files deleted for a long time, or from FAT/exFAT partition or formatted disk.

To recover deleted files, the specific command you’ll use is winfr command. You should know the folder name containing the game. And the destination drive should not be the source drive.  Now, let’s go to see how to recover deleted games with Windows File Recovery tool.

① It will open automatically after installing. Otherwise, you can use Windows search tool to find and open it.

② Type winfr to go to Command Prompt interface. Type Winfr C: F: /regular /n\ and press Enter imagining you intend to recover the game from C drive to F drive, and n means the original path of the game.


Solution 4 – Use Third-party Recovery Tool

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a professional data recovery program that allows you to restore lost data from hard drive and external storage devices, like SD card and USB drive. Multiple kinds of files can be recovered if they are not overwritten by new data.

If you are not experience about how data recovery tool works, please follow the guide below to perform it by yourself.

Step 1: Download MiniTool Power Data Recovery and install it on your Windows 10.

Step 2: Run it and go to the main window. Choose This PC to begin.

Step 3: Select the drive (containing the lost game files) from disk map. Click Scan to go on.

Step 4: The scanning process may last for a while. It all depends on the used volume of the disk. Just wait until the process ends. Then, browse the scanning results to find the needed files.

Step 5: Click Save and set a storage location (not the original path) to keep the selected items.

The free edition of this software has a limit for total size. You can restore 1 GB data for free. If you don’t know the total size of the game files, just try this version to scan the drive to see if the deleted game files can be found and previewed normally.


Windows File Recovery vs. MiniTool Power Data Recovery

  1. 1. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is much friendly to ordinary people because there is no need to remember the folder name of the game.
  1. Windows File Recovery is only available for Windows 10 20H1 and later versions, while MiniTool Power Data Recovery is usable for all Windows users.



After reading this post, I guess you’ve got the methods to recover deleted games on Windows 10. You can pick up a suitable one on basis of your situation. If you don’t have this trouble at the moment, you can also keep it and MiniTool software at hand, preparing for unexpected data loss.

In the end, please let us know if you have any suggestions or ideas related to this issue. We can have a further discussion. Thanks!