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Functions of an HR Software in Employee KRA Achievement


HR software in India has taken over small and medium-class businesses in India. HR software has optimized workload and has minimized the risk of errors. It has helped the administration aim for the betterment of the organization. Automated software enhances the KRA of an employee.

KRA is an abbreviation for key responsible areas, which is assigned to each employee in accordance with their designation. 

Let’s take a look at how the HR software customarily others the employees’ KRA

  • Systematized Storage

Data plays a vital role in any organization. HR software provides a secure and easily accessible platform. Systematized storage which saves time and helps the administration take unbiased decisions and even have a track of the performance of the employees. Automated data storage which categorically stores data and assists the employee to track his/her own performance and assigned projects is bound to increase productivity. 


  • Streamlined Workflow

One of the major challenges the administration faces is streamlining work for the entire organization and keeping a record of it. Cloud-based software helps to manage and streamline work with an organized approach which notifies the employee about their tasks and updates the administration about the progress of the organization. Automated notification of the projects and achievements boosts the productivity of an employee.

  • Self Service

The software access to employees empowers them to keep a track of their performance and stay up to date with the changes and the development of the organization. This also helps to build a transparent bond between the employee and the employer as this ascertains the unbiased decisions made by the administration regarding rewards and promotions. This feature helps to keep a track of the key area of responsibilities assigned to the employee.

  • Performance Management

It becomes a difficult task to manage and keep an eye on the performance of each employee. The HR software India provides an adequate solution as it automates the process of assigning and keeping a tab on the performance. It notifies the employee and the employer about the ongoing tasks and the development of projects.

  • Transparency

It is important to maintain transparency within the organization and its employees. Cloud-based software helps in maintaining the transparent bond as it notifies the employee about the developments. Easy access to the policies of the organization helps the employee understand the company policies.

  • Reports Management

Making reports out of tools like spreadsheets and emails increases the workload and involves time and increases the risk of errors and missing details. Data related to cost per hire, employee satisfaction and rate of profit provides key elements to form a report of the growth and a comparative ratio of how the organization has performed in the given period of time. This report abets the employee to keep an eye on the achievements of the employee. 

  • Automated Features

Automated features like biometric identification, updated leaves, notification about incomplete tasks, and assigned new tasks. Automated features help to manage performance sheets and scale the employees’ productivity. 

These are few of the HR software functions that influence the key area of responsibilities of an employee. These features have taken over the essential areas of work and have provided the HR team with a platform to aim on growth of the organization.