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You will gain weight if you consume more calories than you expend, and burgers can be high calorie foods


Burgers are one of the most consumed food items all across the world. Everyone loves to grab a bite of delicious and juicy burgers. There are different types of burgers including beef, chicken, and ham. There is no doubt that they are high in calories and lead to an increase in weight as well. Mostly burgers are served with fries that make it even more fattening for food lovers. Even if you are fond of eating you need to keep an eye on your diet. If you are gaining weight it is not a good sign as it can make you fall sick.

There are a lot of diseases that are directly associated with weight gain. As the demand for burgers keeps increasing brands have to use burger boxes to get a lot of attention. When the boxes have all the necessary information on the top customers will easily purchase them. Burgers are high in calories and you will gain weight whenever your calories are exceeded than normal. Here are some bad effects of burgers that you need to know:

Watch your weight gain

If you are consuming a lot of calories keeping a check on your weight becomes even more important. You can keep a weighing machine at home and check your weight every morning. A double hamburger that is full of mayonnaise contains around 942 calories. There is no doubt when calories are exceeding you are gaining weight in no time. Your calories will increase even more when you purchase onion rings and French fries along. It will be an additional 480 calories with a large order and an additional soft drink. If there is a single patty with no additional mayonnaise it can fit in better with your diet. It will only contain 232 calories that are not considered very high. Eating heavy foods once in a while is not a bad option but frequenting it can be a cause of concern. If you want to limit the calories in your burger you can skip the bun and just enjoy the patties. However, this can be a tough deal.

Keep your heart health in good condition

Most of the burgers especially ham and beef are very high in saturated fat and cholesterol. Once you eat this burger in a day it will shoot up your cholesterol level like never before. You are at a big risk when your heart is not working well. A double hamburger with mayonnaise carries around 22 grams of saturated fat that is very harmful four your heart. If your daily meal is based on 2,000 calories it will exceed it to a new level. You can reduce your fat by choosing a burger with a single patty and not a lot of mayonnaise on it. Cholesterol is only inside animal based food so you can choose to have a vegetarian burger.

Burgers and blood pressure

You will not be surprised to know that burgers are high in sodium too. Double hamburgers contain 1,080 milligrams while a small hamburger contains around 258 milligrams. When your diet is high in sodium it can lead to an increased risk of heart disease. There is also a possibility of stroke and kidney disease. Healthy adults are bound to take not more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium every day. If you keep your blood pressure in control you need to control the amount of sodium in your diet.

Keep other considerations in mind

Even if you want to eat burgers you can choose a small portion and add some vegetables or salads along. You can also opt for a fast-food cheeseburger that doesn’t contain many calories. Most the foods contain a lot of unhealthy calories but keeping everything balanced is the right solution. If you get cravings for midnight snacks it is better to avoid eating them. One big tip is to enjoy fatty foods during the daytime so you can keep the calories on the lower side. The healthy cheeseburgers are small in portion and can fit in your diet easily. Most of the burgers with two ounce patty can be enjoyed frequently while keeping the weight in control. A single cheeseburger with 400 calories and above is not a bad choice for the kids either. If you like going to the gym or burning your calories you can eat fatty foods once in a while.

Consider the size of the buns

Most of the burgers contain white buns but if you want to keep your calories in check you can choose to go for plain buns. They are small in size and don’t contain any fats. The hamburgers contain 21grams of carbohydrates so you can try adding some healthy lettuces at the top to enhance the taste. If you think a beef burger is high in calories there are many restaurants offering plant based foods. Normally chicken and poultry are high in calories. You can have a vegetarian patty that is low in calories and easy to consume. If you are planning to start a restaurant or food chain choosing good quality custom burger boxes is highly important. We offer some of the best packaging solutions for keeping burgers safe from contaminations. They offer some of the best boxes that are manufactured with cardboard and Kraft. High quality burgers are loved by many customers.

Check for the toppings and condiments

If you want your burgers to be healthy you should include vegetable toppings. The use of lettuce, onions, and tomatoes can keep your calories in control. Fiber and potassium are some other low calorie diet options that you can avail of in your diet. Yellow and brown mustard can also add a lot of taste to your burgers keeping the calories on the lower side. All the weight conscious people can limit their calories with the consumption of sugary sauces such as pickles and barbecue sauces. However, some of them are still high in sodium that is not good for your heart. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consume your favorite pizzas and burgers though.

Why calories matter?

It is observed that generally women require eating a lesser amount of calories as compared to men. As women have a different body style they don’t need a lot of calories. However, pregnancy and breastfeeding can enhance their calorie needs. It is also observed that genetics play an important role when it comes to determining your calorie needs. Some people can eat more but they still don’t gain much while others eat less but still gain a lot of weight. If you are one of those people who are interested in losing weight eating fewer calories will be the only solution.

The metabolic system of a man’s and women’s body keeps dropping as they age so it becomes even more important to check your calories. The number of calories can also determine how much weight you can lose. Irrespective of the metabolism if you are eating a low-calorie diet it will help you lose weight. If you want to lose weight you should limit yourself while eating burgers and fries. You can also exercise regularly as it is good for your health overall.