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Get Business Blogging – What Are You Waiting For?


My friend started his home-based business a year ago. He took his favorite hobby and needed extra money.

He isn’t very tech-savvy so I asked about a website.

He quickly called me. He told me about a man who called him asking for a custom-made project.

He sold the custom project.

A local newspaper got word of his twitter account, and wrote a story about him.

A quarterly from the same industry asked him to contribute. He was able to reach thousands of potential clients through this.

He met two local (relatively speaking), tradesmen who were in his industry and gave him great advice as well as opportunities for collaboration.

His website was ranked on Google for long tail keywords, which ultimately led to significant traffic and even sales and for more visit thetodaytalk blog.

The home business category was very motivating for him. It allowed him to keep track of his successes and failed attempts online, which helped him avoid repeating the same mistakes twice.

Blogs are the perfect match for home-based businesses.

How to install in your root directory

Install WordPress within the root directory to create a blog on your domain.

How to install in a sub-directory

Let’s say you already have pages on your domain. You may also be creating pages. To add WordPress to a subdirectory, This is the most common directory. It will contain your blog.

What’s wrong with a blog?

A page cannot be created for any other content on your website.

The optin page can be hosted on another domain or created a WordPress page. A page like your Legal or About pages.

It is important to determine if sidebars and header links are required. Hosting my optin page elsewhere was much easier. Others might find it more interesting to create pages that are different from their blogs.

What’s wrong with having a website as part of your domain?

Your blog is not the default page on your domain. This can cause confusion for visitors and get blog at Tokla App firm.

If your blog is the hub of your business, all links must be longer: yourdomain.com/blog/ for your blog welcome page or yourdomain.com/blog/postname for a particular page.

This is a great benefit. You can create regular pages for your domain in any style that you choose. It could make your blog visitors think, “Ooh! We are not in Kansas anymore! ”

You can choose to keep your look consistent across your blogs, so visitors clicking on your link don’t feel confused when they land at your home-based blog.

Choose the best fishing lures to find the most effective. Another option is to create an internet blog.

After spending hours researching, it becomes obvious that you don’t want what you’re looking for.

You’re right! You just found another niche.

User orientation

Every aspect of the internet, including the business blog, is user-oriented. It all starts when someone is searching for something specific and doesn’t want to waste time sifting through endless information.

This can be reduced to
* Fishing lures
* Fishing spots
* North Eastern Pennsylvania
* What type of fish is the best?

If we have a fishing lure blog, we already target a large audience. We can be as broad or as narrow depending on our location.


This is only one example of fishing lures. It’s great if it helps you or your company.
…best-lures-for-river-trout-in-ne-pa.org, send me an email so I can check it out.

Why it Matters

Specificity is the most important quality of business blogs. Specificity is key to providing the user with exactly what they are looking for.

Many business owners have the potential reach many niche markets, especially if they are online business owners.

Hosting companies offer unlimited domains with a single account. This is due to high demand.

A business blog dedicated to your interests will make it easier for customers to find you.

Discover how a tired father, who commuted long distances and worked long hours, went from an exhausting job and long commute to his job to one that takes only 30 seconds.