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Get Cheap Wedding Dresses for Indian Brides

Indian wedding dresses

The saying goes like this that choosing a life partner is the most important decision, but nobody ever mentions that choosing an elegant dress for the brides for their D-Day. And that is where the problem arises. Indian wedding dresses are often tagged at a very higher price which the common people find difficult to buy, that to just for a day.

At the same time, brides deserve to look the best on their wedding day, in fact they look forward to this day and how they will look. We hope that this article which talks about budget Indian dresses that brides can don on their wedding day will make your life easier.

Consider the Wedding Dress Budget

Before you start shopping for your D-day, think about considering and deciding upon your budget. Expert reviews say that couples tend to spend about 5-10% of the total wedding budget on the outfits alone. This includes both the bride’s and groom’s clothing. If you are short on the budget, try to keep 5% of your total budget for wedding dresses at the max.

But don’t feel odd that you are the only one in this. Trust us, you are not the first one in need of a cheap wedding dress, and definitely not the last one.

You cannot really deny the fact that weddings are expensive, and some people just don’t feel it alright to spend thousands of rupees on a wedding dress.

Here a few alternatives you can choose apart from spending a lumpsum for your wedding outfit. The main wedding ceremony is a one-day affair, and too lavish or heavy dresses are a waste, because you cannot really wear it on any other time.

The Alternatives to Buying Cheap Wedding Dresses

You might be a little unhappy that you are buying a cheap dress for your D-Day, but the alternative roads too can lead you to the dress of your dreams.

Rent A Dress

Want a lavish dress but do not have a big budget? Well fret not, here’s an option that can make you smile. There are online rent stores, who allow you rent dresses for your wedding and other functions.

You can very well rent a lavish wedding dress online. Some companies include shipping charges for both ways as well as the dry-cleaning of the dresses.

This way, apart from saving some great bucks on a dress that you shall probably wear only once, you also won’t have to deal with a dress that takes up a lot of space.

Wedding Dress Samples

Did you know that you can get to buy your designer dress and pay just the half? Don’t be shocked. All you need to do is keep an eye for the wedding dress sample sales.

Your nearby bridal boutique will have these sales once or twice a year, so keep a tab. You might turn out to be very lucky.

How amazing will it be to buy a dress that complements you perfectly, yet you do not have a spend a lot!

Go for A Regular Dress

Sometimes just the tag of “bridal dress” creates a whole lot of differences and allows the store to mark a high price. So, you can rather try looking for something, that doesn’t call itself a bridal dress but is equally beautiful.

Hit your local shops and boutiques and trust us you will be able to find many dresses that resembles a wedding dress but are made for other purposes and will definitely cost much less.

If you want to look like a traditional bride, opt for a floor-touching dress or a cocktail gown.

Consider Designing A Custom-Made Dress

Though this is quite a risky option, as you may end up choosing the wrong design, wrong material or wrong tailor and end up having a mess of a gown. But on the positive side, you can also consider that it could turn out to be a fantastic fit, with a unique design on a luxe fabric, and all these at a very reasonable price.

But before you confirm on your tailor, do make it a point to go through previous designs and tailoring by him/her and feedback from other customers.

It’s Right There, All You Need to Do Is Find Out

Wedding dresses or dresses that can be worn on your D-Day are there around you. All you need to do is just do a research mindfully. After everything you would get your perfect pick. And trust us, you do not always need a very pricey clothing to be worn on your special day. Because all you need is a hearty smile and nuptial blush.

If you are looking to buy Indian wedding dresses online at competitive prices, check Like A Diva. You will get a whole lot of options available and you will definitely be spoilt for choices.