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People of all ages can have a double chin, which is not something to be ashamed of. Also, people do not need to worry over this if they cannot get rid of it through diet … Read More

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People of all ages can have a double chin, which is not something to be ashamed of. Also, people do not need to worry over this if they cannot get rid of it through diet and exercise. As the submental fat under the chin is usually unresponsive to diet and exercise, it is nearly impossible for you to get rid of it by these means. Being frustrated with the double chin fat, people are on the hunt for some practical and affordable treatment at the same time. But no worries, as you have cosmetic treatments at your disposal to do the work for you. One popular cosmetic treatment meant for treating double chin is kybella. Kybella has been approved by the FDA and is a highly safe and efficient way to get rid of double chin. The best thing about kybella is that its results are permanent. Let us have a closer look into kybella. 

Benefits of kybella 

Here are some of the perks of having kybella to get rid of double chin


After keeping in mind the individual needs and concerns, the surgeon will determine the number of injections you will require to achieve the best results. The injections will have deoxycholic acid in them, which effectively breaks down the fat cells from there and ultimately gives you the toned jawline. 

No recovery time 

After getting the treatment for yourself, you can take charge of your everyday activities as there is no downtime. There may be some temporary side effects for some time, but they vanish independently after some time. 

Effective and youthful results 

Having a double chin makes you look older and more significant, even if you are not. Of course, no one likes this, and everyone wants to get rid of this as early as possible. But by getting kybella done, your jawline gets defined. Not only this, your overall appearance becomes youthful. 

How does Kybella work and help you with a double chin? 

For helping you with a double chin, kybella uses deoxycholic acid in its injections and injects the same into the double chin area. Once injected, all the fat cells in your chin area get destroyed, and there is no fat left. But before getting the kybella injections, make sure that you have trained healthcare professionals for the same as otherwise, it can be risky. 

Before commencing with the procedure, the healthcare provider will mark the injection sites and give you a numbing agent to ease any pain. On average, the person needs around 20-50 injections to get rid of the double chin in its entirety. Then slowly and slowly, kybella will take all your fat away. The number of sessions one needs will vary depending upon the condition of the person. For optimal results, one needs multiple treatments, and all the treatments are spaced around one month. 

Things to keep in mind before availing of kybella 

Good candidates 

Firstly before availing of the treatment, you need to be aware of whether you are a good candidate for this treatment or not. All those persons with the submental fat can get the kybella for themselves. But still, to be sure of this, you need to book an in-person consultation with a dermatologist, and he will help you determine if you are a good choice for the treatment or not. 

Number of treatments 

How many treatments you require will vary from person to person and is not the same for everyone. For example, some clients are done with their double chin in one session only, while others need multiple rounds of sessions to achieve the desired outcome. In most cases, people need multiple sessions spaced around one month apart to get complete results. As a result, your dermatologist will help you determine this during the professional consultation and help you get rid of a double chin. 

Recovery time 

Many people out there are concerned about the recovery time taken by the kybella and wish to know the same before opting for the treatment. There will be no pain after the treatment. As such, there is no specific recovery time. There can be some after-effects of the medicine like swelling or something like this, but it will be short. 

Cost of kybella 

The cost of kybella treatment will differ from one person to another, depending upon their double chin. But if seen overall, the cost can be around $400 per vial. Besides this, the cost will depend on the number of injections taken by you, your surgeon’s experience, location, and maintenance sessions availed by you. 


After knowing this much about kybella Los Angeles, you must have come to know that there cannot be an any better alternative than kybella for helping you get rid of double chin. 

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