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Get The Best Lash Certification!


You can have an incredible look!

There are millions of ways to enhance your look, and one of them is eyelash extension. We know how much you hate applying mascara and it tripping down or making your look messy; that’s why you can count on the wings.

Get trained by the experts in eyelash extensions certification!

Give your professional career in makeup a boost by signing up for an eyelash extensions certification from a well-known and reputed institute. You can be passionate about thousands of things, but there is no use if you cannot master it with discipline and trained by experts.

Let your makeover be remarkable!

Upgrade your makeover and lash certification. For instance, Newmark Beauty Academy has the experts to train its staff and students, apart from offering premium quality products to serve its customers.

The brand Value!

Your growth depends on the brands you have interned, worked, or served. This institute helps you excel in your career and build a strong background.

Things to keep in mind while going for lash extension:-

Show up before the final day!

It would be best if you visited your artist before the final day so that you could have a detailed discussion about the procedure. This would also help him study your eyes and better understand how to carry out the work.

Choose the shape that suits you the best!

The trend nowadays is to keep eyelashes more natural. You can always go for the actual shape and match your face-cut rather than some fancy stuff.

Customize your eyelash extension!

You can always customize your eyelashes according to your style statement. One artist can do the length, shape, color, and style you want, with minutia details outlined perfectly. If you wish to have denser eyelashes, you can also have them with ease.

Take off your lenses!

It would help if you never forgot to take off your lenses before getting your eyelash extension done.

Final Thoughts

Newmark Beauty Academy would be the best place to complete your eyelash extension certification because they use the most delicate lashes with supreme quality medical types of equipment. The technology used promotes the extensions to move and bend to take the shape of your natural eyelashes, giving you beautiful, gorgeous eyes like never before.

The cosmetology team of experts will further help you complete your lash certification with the proper knowledge and experience, making you the best-certified eyelash extension in the town.