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Get the Latest Version of The SHAREit Mobile App For Free


Based in Singapore with offices worldwide, SHAREit allows quick transfer of files between two devices, regardless of their operating system. It means you can transfer files from an Android device to an iPhone, iPad, or even a Windows computer. You can also send files to numerous users simultaneously. The type of files you can transfer with this app vary from photos, movies, and music to contact directories, play store applications, and essentially any other kind of file on the smartphone device. 


In addition, the advantages of installing the latest version of SHAREit are not limited to sharing and receiving files. The application is a stellar content distribution platform. In fact, AppsFlyer Performance Index Report-2020 named it the fastest growing media publisher in the world. 


Simply put, SHAREit is a free program that permits live file transfer between different devices and enables you to stream media and play games seamlessly. But yes, the SHAREit app should be downloaded on mobile phones or PC where you want to transfer the files. 


SHAREit APK 6.0.98

The latest SHAREit APK 6.0.98 is compatible with app systems such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs. It allows you to transport multimedia files, including videos, images, and even apps, from one device to another without an internet connection. But users also get the option to use local Wi-Fi connectivity to maximize the transmission speed.


The Benefits Of SHAREit App 

The app allows instant connection and wireless transfer in seconds, up to 200 times quicker than Bluetooth (so long the devices are in range). The files are saved immediately on your devices rather than the cloud, reflecting the safe transfer features of the SHAREit app— secured file sharing with added safety and privacy. 


To put it simply, when you download the SHAREit app for mobile, you can transfer files between two devices without the use of online storage. But keep in mind, it can only work with gadgets on which the app has already been installed (simultaneous file sharing up to five devices). The transferring and receiving function can be done only after the devices are connected through the app. 


Get ‘SHAREit App Download’ For Mobile 

SHAREit’s prominence has soared in recent years due to the app’s cutting-edge facilities and features that are available for free. Within the same app, you can also send stickers, GIFs, and wallpapers.


File transfers from Android to Android

  • Go to the Play Store to download the SHAREit app for android mobile.
  • From the search box, choose the official SHAREit app. 
  • Click on install to start the installation.
  • When it’s finished installing, click Open, then Start on the homepage of the app. 
  • Next, select Allow to grant SHAREit authorization to the internal memory.
  • Then once again, click Allow to give SHAREit access to manage calls. 
  • Finally, give your SHAREit App a name, you can begin transferring the files.


File Transfers From iOS To iOS 

  • On your iPhone, go to the App Store and type SHAREit into the search box.
  • Open the official SHAREit for iOS app, then click the “get” icon and enter your phone’s passcode to download it.
  • Click the Open button once the SHAREit app has completed the download.


You can now use SHAREit to share files between iOS devices (or with other devices). 


File Transfers For Windows Phone

  • Download the most recent version of the SHAREit app for Windows Phone by type SHAREit into the Windows Phone Store search bar.
  • Click on the app and tap Install.
  • When it is finished downloading, go ahead and click View.
  • Grant the app access to your files, then follow the on-screen directions to start sharing files. 


SHAREit App Highlights

Transfer Photos From Your Mobile To Your PC

Upload your pictures to your PC using the app to free up storage from your phone. There will be no need for erasing the files from the phone to release device space. 


Mobile To Mobile

‘SHAREit app download’ for mobile devices is the easiest way to transfer files between smartphones — connect with the receiving devices> select the files to be transferred> select the recipient > press the send button. 



It’s also excellent for PC-to-PC transmissions! All you have to do is make sure both the PC has the desktop version downloaded, then select the recipient, and start transferring files. 


Remote View Feature 

Remote View is a quick and straightforward way to search for a PC folder from the device itself. You can view/ play the file from the mobile or even share the file with other devices.


Seamless Powerpoint Presentation 

SHAREit allows you to handle your Powerpoint presentation on a PC or projector through the phone. There is no need for a mouse or separate clickers to navigate and present the PPT slides.