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Get the Live Wallpapers on Your Android Smartphone or use a Wallpaper Maker


The Android wallpaper apps are presenting a visual evolution over the latest smartphones. Users who tested these personalization apps are impressed with the new and latest HD wallpapers and live wallpapers in the databases and the way phone wallpapers are organized on the screen.

The Google Play Store is bringing new and emerging apps with a more minimalist and modern look. The artworks have evolved and so has the interactivity of different products, including live wallpapers 3D. All this so that all the visual elements adapt to the new concept created by the app developers to please the more demanding new generation. So we got into the new wallpaper and wallpaper maker apps and detailed some of the best options now in this post.

Every day, we introduce our readers to the top news about mobile devices, applications, software and personal computers. Come with us and stay informed with our articles. Now here are the names that got our attention while searching for simple wallpapers, live wallpapers, 3D wallpapers and wallpaper maker apps.

Black Wallpapers – 4K Dark & AMOLED Backgrounds

Many users look for dark-colored wallpapers and backgrounds. This is because these images can provide better contrast as well as a reduction in screen brightness. This feature can even help you save some of your smartphone battery.

Black Wallpapers brings together more than 2,000 images with these characteristics. Updates are added daily and images are adapted to HD, QHD or 4K resolutions. Unfortunately, there is no organization by categories, but the idea here is that you search at random and be surprised with beautiful images.

If you choose to purchase the pro version, the differences will be an ad-free interface, content loading up to twice as fast, and priority for receiving updates.

Wave Live Wallpapers

On the top of our list, the Wave Live Wallpapers HD & 3D Wallpaper Maker app is an alternative for those looking for a combination of variety and automation. You’ll be surprised by the quality of their 3D wallpapers and animated backgrounds: you will notice that there are more unusual live wallpapers here than in other apps.

In addition, the animated backgrounds automation features allow you to configure the app to shuffle in a new HD wallpaper image every time you access your phone. The idea is to surprise, making your device stand out via moving wallpapers and arouse everyone’s curiosity.

It offers the countless latest and traditional wallpapers. Also, the users have access to premium images suggested to make custom wallpapers in seconds via an easy-to-use wallpaper maker. With this feature and without needing special skills, you can design fun and amazing live backgrounds, including 3D wallpapers from your own photos.

Wallpapers HD – Free Backgrounds & Wallpaper Maker

This app is in the testing phase and can now be installed by users. The new app, in addition to presenting significant development in its interface, also has many new wallpaper packs. The images, which are provided in the database, make it possible to leave this app on the tops of similar apps.

There is no way to say that these live wallpapers will actually be offered on the latest Android OSs. Still, the users who use these HD wallpaper feel proud for presenting the great living wallpapers on their smartphones. The developers still focus on changing the look of its app and new wallpapers are a minimum for this type of targeting.