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Give attention to these signs and get your HVAC repair

Commercial HVAC Service

HVAC systems are the most important part of commercial buildings. Whether it is a restaurant, home, school, or office building, HVAC is used everywhere in all seasons. Commercial HVAC is usually an interconnected system that provides heating, cooling, and ventilation in the commercial area. Commercial places generally use centralized, packaged, and individual HVAC systems depending on the requirement. HVAC usually comes with several years of warranty but it’s better to keep checking on the HVAC performance from time to time. The issue might not be noticed from the outside but cleaning air ducts is important for a healthy office environment. Call Commercial HVAC Service Experts immediately if your notice weird signs or increased energy bills.

Signs that show you need an HVAC repair:

1)Increasing energy bills

If the HVAC is not working properly, it is more likely to consume more electricity and lead to increased energy bills. If your HVAC has a clogged filter or dust and debris on the air ducts, it might not flow sufficient air and cause improper cooling and heating.

2)Unpleasant odour coming from air ducts.

Be suspicious about the unusual smell coming from the vent. It might smell plunge, burning, or like funky scents. The unusual odour can be the reason for clogged air ducts or mildew formation. Coil cleaning and duct cleaning can fix these issues. Always check for microbial growth inside the air ducts to prevent health illness.

3)Unusual temperature changes or short cycling.

If the air-conditioning duct is blocked by dust or debris, it might not function properly. This sign can be easily noticed by observing the sudden change in the temperature. Your staff might experience too much cold or too much hot when the air ducts are affected inside. It’s better to get HVAC repaired as soon as possible.

Commercial HVAC Service

4)Suffocation and increased sickness in staff.

If the HVAC is not working properly, it may result in suffocation in the commercial office; also the odd smell can cause headaches and serious breathing problems. It’s important to have clean air quality inside the office or else there will be an increase in sick leaves in the office.

5)HVAC making a weird sound.

The weird sound coming from HVAC can be disturbing. Loose components of debris might get stuck in air vents and cause unusual rattling sounds.  It may be the sign of loose motor fans or other issues in fan belts.

Winding-up: the office is the place where the employees and staff spend the most time of the day hence it is important to ensure the HVAC is working correctly. If it’s been a long time, you have not serviced your HVAC, then get it serviced by the professional Commercial HVAC Service Company. Make sure your office is a peaceful place and hygienic place to work. No one loves to work in a suffocated and dirty area. Seasonal changes and poor HVAC performance can affect employees’ health and cause bacteria and virus over time.  If you are concerned about your business and HVAC then maintain it wisely and get it serviced by professionals regularly.

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