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Tricks to widen your business vests with launching the Grab clone app

Grab clone app development

Hey! The benefits of multiservices apps have become phenomenal. Through a single app, users can accomplish a bunch of services. This superior quality of these apps makes them preferred by users to a large extent. Considering the need for multiservices apps and the scope of launching these apps, this blog is here to help you out. Let me spill the beans in the first place itself. Here, you will be learning about the Grab clone app, a multiservices app that is highly recommended for entrepreneurs like you.

Services you can offer through the Grab clone app

Taxi services

One of the forerunners in on-demand services is the taxi services. Users will open your app, select the taxi services and also the type of service- ride-hailing or ride-sharing services. Based on users’ requests, an automatic trigger will be sent to drivers. Here, users have the option to choose the drivers by selecting them based on reviews and availability.

On the other hand, the app will automatically assign the ride to any of the available or nearest drivers.


There is a horde of services that provide delivery services like food, grocery, pharmacy, flower, etc. Users will select the type of delivery listed on your app, choose the service provider based on his/her availability, and book the service. Users can either make the payment via the digital gateways or avail cash on delivery.

Other services

Apart from taxi and delivery services, there is a series of other services that you can extend to your users. Those services like babysitting, online medical consultations, handyman, electrician, tutor, housekeeping, etc. Like the other services, users will have to search for the nearest service provider, know the fare, arrival time, and book the service.  

An Array Of Features You Get With Grab Clone App

The topic of the multi-services app sounds impressive. Let us make the topic a bit more interesting by learning about the unique features of the app.

Find nearby service providers

The app bends users’ flexibility, as they can choose their preferred service provider. Of course, everyone will prefer a service provider located on their premises to finish their task quickly. The app will map service requests to the nearest providers. But in case the provider is not available, then the request will be mapped to the next nearby service provider. 

Users can also choose the service provider based on the ratings/ reviews given on the app by fellow users.

Arrival time estimator

Users can know the time of arrival of the service provider or delivery person in advance. Yes, once the user fills in the location details, the app will calculate arrival time in a flash. 

Rate calculator

One of the smartest features of these multi-services apps is the rate calculator. The app facilitates the users in knowing the rate of the particular service beforehand. Based on the rate displayed, users can choose whether they want to confirm the service or not.

Live tracking

The app is not fulfilled without the live tracking feature. After booking the service, users can track the current location of the service provider. The tracking feature is not only present in the user app but also the driver app. To find the user’s location, drivers can use the tracking feature.

Toggle button

Drivers can make their job flexible by indicating the time in which they are available. Drivers will receive the request only if they turn it on they are available.   

Schedule the delivery or service

Yet another beneficial feature is the scheduling feature. The app lets users schedule the time of delivery of services. Based on the scheduled time, the delivery person will come up with the order.

Live navigation

No more hurdles in finding the right directions! The driver app is integrated with a map that helps drivers choose the most optimal route to reach the destination without compromising the time. 

Reviews and ratings

Reviews and ratings are essential to shaping your business. Every stakeholder of the app has the facility to give ratings and reviews. 

With this briefing on features of the app, let us proceed with the sources of income you can gain through a multi-services business.

The Revenue Channels Of The Grab Clone

Subscription model – Frame a subscription model for your business. Users access your services by paying the subscription amount. 

Premium model – Reserve some of the features of the app as advanced ones and offer them for premium users.

Cancellation charges – Whenever a user cancels an order, you can deduct a certain percentage of the amount as cancellation charges.

Delivery charges – Impose delivery charges for customers who opt for home delivery. 

Commission model – You will get a commission from your service providers whenever they process an order.

Ads – As always, ads will promise you a steady income. Feature more number of ads and so will be the revenue.


If there is a business idea that brings prosperity in a while, then it is the multi-services business. Launch your Grab clone app, and take home the opportunity to cover a range of customers.