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GrandQuiz – Trivia Quiz game for Mobile


Most of the people who have smartphones, play one, two, or more mobile games for sure. Their choices are different too, some love to play action games, some loves strategy, some loves puzzles, and so on. Our today’s topic is trivia games and GrandQuiz is the game that we are going to talk about. With modern unique features and functionalities, GrandQuiz is one of the best trivia quiz games right now which is suitable for all ages of users and great for knowledge hunting and brain training!

So, if you are a mobile gamer, let’s check more about GrandQuiz before we start playing it.


GrandQuiz Trivia Game

For trivia addicts, students, knowledge seekers, for everyone GrandQuiz is a nice pick to play and learn meaningful things! The company Chellobee Technologies LLP made it with so much care so everyone can play it, enjoy it, and easily improve their knowledge, abilities, and skills.

In the game, you need to answer questions from certain or various categories including artists, Baseball, Basketball, Cricket, Festivals, Books, Biology, Botany, English, Food, Personality, Music, Movies, and more!

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After taking a quiz, you can see all the answers at the end of the quiz and earn rewards (bees and coins) for the correct answers. Also, you can challenge other players online where the same questions will be asked to both players, whoever wins will take all rewards! Very interesting!

In addition to that, GrandQuiz includes the classic Snake game in it with a new design, playing which you can get rid of your boredom and earn rewards. There is a leaderboard for the snake gamers too. So try to score most to reach the top of it and show others who is the boss snake player!

Moreover, GrandQuiz has a referral program. This means you can invite your friends and earn rewards together.

Overall, GrandQuiz has everything in it that you might need to enjoy entertaining and challenging trivia gameplay on your smartphone and the computer with the best cpu.

So, if you really like to have a simple yet pretty interesting and effective way to improve your knowledge and train your brain, want to have some fun with family and friends playing quizzes from favorite topics, GrandQuiz is really worth a shot.

Download GrandQuiz for Android / GrandQuiz for IOS

Just download GrandQuiz on your mobile – Android or IOS, start playing with quizzes from various categories, enjoy your time, train your brain, and have fun!