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GTA Vice City Game


GTA Vice City is one of the best action games that was ever produced. The game recreates the city of Miami and its surrounding area in full 3D. You play as a former drug dealer who has just been released from jail after serving a 15-year sentence for drug trafficking, racketeering, and seducing an underaged person over the age of 16. This time you get to go on missions and do “jobs” for 8 different gangs, businessmen, and other shady types.

The aim of the game is to take back control over your territory, gain new territories by doing jobs for these gangs/people and build your empire throughout Vice City. As you progress through the game new things will become available such as new clothing items (for your character to wear), new vehicles, weapons, and extra moves.

The number of missions you can do is enormous. There are over 50 different jobs/missions in GTA 3 Mod APK some are easy while others are so hard to even the most experienced gamers will have trouble finishing them.

The game has a never-ending map with lots of different things for you to find. An interesting thing about this game is that it is set more or less in “real-time”. This means that if it’s night in real life then it’s also a night in the game. If it’s Saturday, then there might be special events (for example all stores may be closed).

Features of GTA Vice City Game:
-Massive and never-ending map;
-Over 50 different jobs/missions to do;
-Lots of vehicles to drive around in, from a simple bicycle to a tank or even a helicopter!
-Tons of clothing items ranging from dressing the main character up as a woman to making him look like a clown or just normal clothes that you see your average man wearing. There are also special “mission outfits” which only appear when you do certain missions. For example: if you have done all the Pizza Delivery Missions then during these missions instead of having your standard white t-shirt on you’ll have a nice red one with a pizza symbol printed on it.-Wide range of weapons from bazookas to M-16’s;
-Very high replay value because there are so many different things you can do. You can change the game difficulty, take part in driving school (which is like a “special mission” where you only get points for good driving), play games of pool or darts and much more!
-And some other stuff I don’t remember right now…
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Common Faqs of GTA Vice City Game

-Q: How do I save the game?
A: You can only save the game when you are in a safe house or by killing yourself. Safe houses are marked on your map with light blue squares while the gun icon represents places where you can kill yourself (for example there is a place in Little Haiti where if you drive one of the cars off the ramp, it will explode and you will die). Another way to save is to call one of your girlfriend’s for a date. If she says that she doesn’t feel like going out then this means that your “health” meter is full so there should be no problem calling her again until she finally agrees to go out with you.

-Q: How do I get rid of stars (police wanted level)?
A: If you have one star then cops will try to give you a speeding ticket. If you don’t do anything stupid the police will go away. To get rid of the wanted level completely it’s best to find some secluded place and just stay there until your “health” meter is full or use a Pay ‘n’ Spray which is indicated on your map by an icon shaped like a spray can.

-Q: Where do I get money? Is there any way to make lots of money quickly? What about cheats – do they work?
-A: There are many ways to make money in GTA Vice City… The most basic form of income is from completing missions, next would be robbing stores, pick-pocketing people, collecting hidden packages, and running vigilante missions. Cheats can be used to get money too but some of them do not work at the moment so I won’t even bother mentioning them here.

-Q: Is it possible to have sex with one of my girlfriends? Does this affect your “health” meter in any way?
A: You are able to have intercourse with your girlfriends if you select that option when you call her for a date. Your health meter doesn’t really get affected by having sex with your girlfriend but on some occasions, if you fail certain missions then she will leave you and there is no way you can ever get her back (I’m not sure about this).

In the end, we will say GTA Vice City is one the best gaming series in the world, that you can play both on your phone and PC. So, go ahead and give it a try right now.