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Guide to help you find the best hair system for men that can give you a natural look


Hair systems have been a boon for those who have lost a lot of their hair. Earlier, the only solution was using wigs but now so much has evolved with technology and there are many great hair solutions available with many different features. They not only substitute your hair, but also give you back your natural look and confidence. What else can hair systems do? Good hair systems can provide you surprising new looks, new ways to style your hair, and, most importantly, your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Having said that, to choose a suitable mens hair system, you need to opt from many materials, densities, hair types, and different construction methods. At the end of the day, your primary goal should be to find a hairpiece that can offer the most natural look possible. But, when looking for a hair system, there are multiple factors to consider for finding the one that is as natural as possible.
How to Choose a Hair System with a Natural Look?

1. Opt for Human Hair Fibers
For a full and natural-looking head, it is important to choose the right materials. Especially, if you’re getting your hairpiece made, select the most premium materials. In fact, human hair would feel a lot more natural as compared to synthetic hair. What’s more? Human hair strands generally provide you with more color and style options than artificial hair. Choosing the right hair density will also make all the difference, as the right men’s hair system should match your features.

2. Durability
Custom- made hair systems are usually made of extremely fine base material. Basically, the human hair strands are sewn one-by-one onto the base material. This is why the hair system won’t last a lifetime. Every hair system would have a life of its own, determined by the base you choose. Usually, the thinner and natural-looking base would have a shorter life. A full lace system approximately has a life of 3 months. But a thicker base will last a little longer, say about 6 to 8 months. Also, whichever hair system you opt for, you need to take care of it at home along with getting the monthly servicing. Always take care to use only a mild shampoo and conditioner, preferably sulfate-free. Harsh products would damage the hair color and also dry the hair.

3. The Hair System Attachment Process
How the hair system is attached to your scalp makes a big difference in how natural it looks. To ensure that your hair system sits properly and remains secure in place, you should always use the adhesive that is recommended for the type of base material you choose. Take care when you line up the application markers on your scalp. Then, carefully brush the adhesive on the scalp, but do not apply too much on the front edge. It’s important to let the adhesive dry up properly by giving it enough time (about 15 minutes) so that it fixes well with your skin.

4. Style the Edges of the Hair System Properly
After you’ve secured the hair system, remember to shape the smaller hair along the edges properly. It’s very important to get a flawless fit between the hair system and the natural hairline. If you neglect to work along the hairline or edges, it will look lesser than natural.

5. Careful Maintenance
Be mindful of which products you are using to maintain the hairpiece at home. Other important factors are perfect attachment methods, identifying the right maintenance routine that takes care of your hair system requirements is crucial.

6. Professional Trimming
Though a customized men’s hair system is carefully designed and tailored to suit individual needs and features, you should always get it trimmed only by a professional stylist. Otherwise, it could ruin your hairpiece. A professional hairstylist would check the shape of your face and then trim it to match it. This would give it an additional dimension for a more natural and realistic look.
So, keep in mind these tips when you choose a hairpiece for yourself and get a natural look for your hair.