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Hair Salon Chairs: Here 5 Things to Look For

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Comfort is the key aspect when we have to consider sitting on a chair for a long time, the whole experience would be dependent on the comfort of the seat. This is true for the Hair Salon Chairs too, whether your customers get the hair cut, hair blow dry, color, treatment or extensions. These procedures are going to take time. Having a chair that is comfortable would enhance the experience of the customer.

Hair Salon Chairs

Apart from comfort, there are a variety of factors that sum up and make the salon chair the best one.

If you have just stepped into the industry and are out shopping for barber supplies then these considerations would help you get the best hair salon chair.


If you are investing in the chair one of the first things that you would look for is quality as everyone has a direct correlation with the customer. Quality also has a variety of aspects: material, ergonomics, material, and comfort, feel, facilities, functions and so on.


The prices of the chair can go from hundred dollars to thousands of dollars per chair so having a budget as per your investment capability would help you to look out for the best option available in your budget. This way you can make the most out of your budget. So, if you have not made a budget yet, work on crafting it.


Texture, color, durability, quality, life span, the need for maintenance, look and whatnot need to be considered when opting for the material for the Barber Shop Equipment as every material has unique properties and respective impact on these factors. For example, chairs with high-quality vinyl material are one of the popular choices as this material is highly durable and needs very low maintenance. 

Not just the fabric but the metal portion of the chair needs material consideration as not all steel are stainless. Scratch proof, chemical reaction resistance, easy to clean, rusting and more are the attributes of good metal.

Stylist Comfort

It is a cliché that when we think of comfort it is about the customer, well the stylist’s comfort needs to be considered. For the customer the comfort may be relative, one may find it uncomfortable while it would be perfect for the other until they visit the salon the next time but for stylists, they would be around these chairs the whole day working.

Easy to Clean

Last but not the least, the one that could be cleaned easily without affecting the material in the long run. As these chairs are going to be used on a daily basis, and there would be hair colors, bleach, employee, conditioner, and a lot of stuff would be spilling on the materials, the chairs would need to be cleaned regularly. So make sure that the one you pick could be cleaned easily without having to invest in any of the high-end cleaning products.

When buying the Barber Shop Equipment, having a dilemma would be obvious, so do not hesitate to take the help of the experts to pick the one that is right for your requirement.

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