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Hairline Lowering Surgery: Types and Treatment Cost


A high hairline and a broad forehead make the facial features look out of proportion. It may affect your esteem. Some people wear wigs to hide the forehead. Women are in a better position since they can wear a fringe. Men find it hard since most of their haircuts will reveal their large foreheads.

A high hairline may be due to genetics. Another reason is a receding hairline. No matter the cause of a large forehead, there are methods to reduce it. The first method is hairline lowering surgery. Sometimes, you may have an FUE hair transplant along the hairline. 

Forehead Reduction

Forehead reduction is an invasive forehead surgery. A patient may need general or local anesthesia; The doctor marks the area for surgery after sedation. You’ll have had a talk with your doctor about the outcome that you want. 

The doctor marks the hairline and the part of the hairline to remove with a surgical marker. Then, they take extra care to cut well along the hairline. It ensures the hair follicles and the hairline are intact. 

After marking, the doctor numbs the forehead up to the eyebrow area. They then make incisions along the marked area. The doctor will then separate the skin from the connective tissues and cut out the unneeded area. 

The doctor pulls the hairline incision and joins it with the forehead incision. The hairline will shorten by the width of the forehead width removed. Next, they suture the skin to reduce the chances of scarring. 

Goals of Forehead Reduction

The main goal for a hairline lowering surgery is to reduce the gap between the eyebrow line and the hairline. But, unfortunately, the process will also help raise eyebrows- even if it wasn’t part of the intention.

People use surgery to enhance feminine features. Trans-men can also use the surgery to achieve a better feminine look. It’s a part of changing their appearance to female.

Ideal Candidate 

The thing to show you qualify for hairline surgery is a large forehead and a high hairline. You can have the surgery as a man or a woman. However, women seek the services in larger numbers. Also, their results are better compared to men’s surgeries. 

Doctors recommend the process to people with naturally thick hair along the hairline. However, they cast down people with active hair loss. It’s because they may continue losing their hair; This explains why several men don’t take the surgery. 


Hairline lowering surgery cost depends on the country you have the surgery. In the USA you’ll spend an average of $8000-$9600. The prices fall under the same range in the UK and Canada. 

Factors that may affect the cost include:

The experience of the doctor.

  • The class of the clinic.
  • Its geographical location. 

FUE Hair Transplant

You can use an FUE to lower your hairline. Note that it is limited to half an inch. You can reduce a small area so that you retain the natural outlook of your hairline.

FUE transplant will involve getting hair follicles from the back of your head and adding a few rows of hair before your initial hairline.

Goals on Hairline Reduction

The goal of FUE hair transplant in forehead reduction is to reduce the distance between the hairline and the browlines. The process will take a few months before you witness the results. The transplantation success rate is lower than the normal hairline because the area never had hair in the past. However, you can have the hair translated if your high forehead results from a receding hairline. 

Ideal Candidate

FUE hair transplant is ideal for people who got a high hairline through receding hairline. However, they have to be sure that the hair loss has ceased. You can also opt to do an FUE hair transplant if you need to reduce a small part of your hairline. 

It’s an ideal option for people who fear invasive surgeries. The results are amazing. They also depend on the doctor that handles you and your post-operative care. 


The cost of an FUE hair transplant depends on the grafts you need to fill in the hairline. One graft transplant costs between $3-$5. The extra costs include doctor’s consultation. Factors that add to the transplant cost include the class of the clinic, the doctor’s experience, and the clinic’s location. 


Above are the two forehead reduction surgeries. They are both effective. However, an FUE hair transplant is not a hairline surgery. However, the process helps to reduce the width and the height of a hairline. It gives you a natural outcome with minimal risks. Hairline Lowering Surgery is surgical with increased risks. However, the results are excellent, and a patient gets a new look instantly.


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