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Here Are 5 Tips for Professional Review Response


More than half of all potential customers read the reviews before deciding to buy the products and services. The problem is that only a few people decide to leave reviews. Worse, only 25% of them receive a response. Therefore, businesses should have a strategy to deal with the review response. It might be easy to answer the users, but the approach might be incorrect. Instead of winning them over, they become angry at the response. Therefore, these five tips are useful in answering reviews.

   1. Address the reviewer 

The first step is to address the person who left the review. Use the person’s name instead of a generic salutation. It shows that the response came from a company representative and not an auto-response. It also feels more personal. The person who left the review will decide to read until the end. Since most reviews are either on Google or Facebook, reviewers will probably use their real names. It’s easier to address them if the business knows the person. 

    2. Say thank you

Some companies will only respond if the reviews are negative. The truth is that positive reviews also deserve a response. A simple thank you will suffice in some instances. For excellent reviews, there should be a highlight of the great words said by the customer. It doesn’t only acknowledge the review, but also repeat the good qualities. It will remind other readers to associate these qualities with the company. 

If the reviews weren’t too good, there should still be a need to thank at the beginning of the paragraph- express gratitude for bringing the concern up through a review. There should also be an explanation on how the negative reviews will help improve the business. It makes the user calm down. Sometimes, people who leave negative reviews already expect a combative response. If they didn’t get one, they would feel surprised. 

    3. Apologize when appropriate

If there is a serious concern and the reviews were generally negative, the company should apologize. The review response starts by acknowledging the existence of the problem and the need to say sorry. Of course, the issue isn’t necessarily right. The apology is for the acknowledgment of the person’s feelings. It’s better than ignoring the concerns and denying them. 

Another reason to apologize is that these problems occurred. Being defensive doesn’t help. If the business is uncertain about the validity of the claims, there can be a thorough investigation. Tell the customer that the company will look into the accusations and respond. Sometimes, the idea that the business is doing something about the issue is already helpful. 

It’s better than pretending that everything is doing well. 

Some users might be rude when expressing their problems. Regardless of the tone and approach, the company should continue being professional. Any response made through the company’s official account is on behalf of the business. Therefore, it’s terrible if the answer is also rude. It will only heighten the problem, and there will be no solution. While it’s important to apologize, there should also be cautious in doing it. It happens if there are potential legal repercussions for the apology. When the company apologizes for the specific problem, it’s an acknowledgment of a mistake. The customer might decide to take legal actions against the business and use the review as evidence of guilt. If uncertain, consult with the legal team first. They will advise on how to respond to the accusations.

     4. Promise to do better

There should always be a promise to do better. People already expect that some businesses won’t have flawless operations. It’s not about what these mistakes are, but what takes place after. Promising to do better is consistent with the company’s commitment to the customers. While they don’t expect everything to be perfect, they want businesses to work hard. Make sure to explain these steps instead of a generic response that the company will do better. 

In some cases, the business can also offer freebies or vouchers to console the customer. It doesn’t mean the company wants to buy their support. It’s a sign that the business cares. It also shows that it’s not only about profits for the company. Giving something for free means that the company is selfless. Remember that these vouchers will only help somehow reduce the tension. It’s not a permanent solution to the problem.

     5. Take the problem away from public view 

After a thorough explanation regarding the concerns raised, some people will still feel unsatisfied. They will complain about the issue and not settle. They might even raise more problems along the way. It can extend the discussion, and it’s no longer a good sight. Therefore, it helps to invite the user to discuss the problem in private. There will be a more comprehensive discussion behind public view. It’s also a chance to be more truthful with the response since it’s only directed to the specific person and not others. The options for having a private conversation are email, phone, or messaging apps Digital marketing news 2021

However, it’s vital to remember that just because the conversation is happening in private doesn’t mean it can be unprofessional. The interaction can still maintain a diplomatic tone. The person might also have a ruder way of saying things privately, but it’s not an excuse to do the same.


Figuring out the right strategy for doing a review response can be challenging. There’s no universal rule to determine how to answer each review. Some might work, while others won’t. Instead of figuring out how to get things done, it helps to have a reputation management company do the job. The experts already know why people leave negative reviews and how to respond to them. There are also effective lines used to pacify the person who left a negative review. It can de-escalate the situation and help the business look better. Even if the company has no negative reviews, it doesn’t mean things will stay that way. There should be an effort to continue looking good.

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