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Here is Why You Should Opt For a Green Card!


 A green card holder has numerous advantages. The card permits the holder to reside permanently and seek employment in the United States. After a few years of living in the USA, green card holders can also apply to become official citizens. To get assistance with a green card application, contact a family immigration attorney today.

Other benefits of a green card are as follows:

  • Application to become a US citizen

If you are married to a citizen of the United States, you are allowed to opt for becoming a citizen after three years of residence in the country with the help of a green card. If you are not married to a local resident of the USA, you can apply after five years of residence. 

  • No deportation to the origin nation.

Green card owners cannot be deported back to their countries regardless of any modifications in the laws of immigration. The permanent residence granted by the green card is not temporary by any means. It cannot be revoked or withheld unless the holder is committing a felony or something intentionally malicious that can harm the country’s integrity. If the green card holder is found doing something unlawful, he may face charges or deportation.

  • There is no requirement to renounce the citizenship of your homeland.

You can legally continue to hold citizenship in your origin country while being a green card holder in the USA.

  • Protection by law

The law gives permanent residents the protection of their rights and safety.

  • Sponsor your family.

If you are a green card holder, you can sponsor your family (spouse, children, and siblings) for green card applications. 

  • Freedom to travel

You are legally allowed to travel and live at any place in the United States. If you hold a green card, you are not limited by state borders.

  • Eligibility for receiving federal benefits

A permanent resident can seek federal benefits like social security or education aid. You can get financial assistance for your education if you have a green card. The government sponsors this aid. They also get the benefits of residential tuition prices instead of international rates.

  • Freedom to get involved in political processes.

 You are allowed to engage in political movements and contribute to your favored candidate’s election. 

  • Availability of jobs

Green card owners enjoy more job opportunities than immigrants living on work visas. Permanent residents are also allowed to apply for jobs requiring security clearances.