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Here’s How You Can Enhance Dwell Time Of Your Website!

SEO Company in Delhi
SEO Company in Delhi

Dwell time is the amount of time a visitor spends on a specific Web page or website. The amount of time that elapses between a person landing on a website after clicking a link in search engine result pages (SERPs) and quitting it is called the dwell time. The amount of time spent on SEO influences the website’s ranks in search engine results pages (SERPs). It reflects how interesting the information on the Web page is. The shorter the stay time, the greater the necessity to improve the content to grab the attention of website users. SEO Agency in Delhi will help you enhance dwell time designer mirrors for walls.

What Is the Importance of Dwell Time?

While Google has never officially declared that dwell time is a crucial ranking element for their search engines from an SEO viewpoint, tests show a clear link between the two. Moz did a detailed investigation to see whether engagement rates affect organic rankings. The findings indicated that indicators like dwell time, which show engagement rates for a specific page, clearly associated with organic ranks for the same page. While awards are excellent, dwell time reveals if your website is at risk of being denied listed by some users. Assume a visitor arrives at your website directly from a Google SERP and then immediately returns. According to an industry-standard function, Google may push them to obliterate your website from the search engine results they were shown.

What exactly is the distinction between dwell time and bounce rate?

Dwell time refers to the period between when a visitor clicks the link on the SERP, accesses the Web page, and returns to the SERP. The success percentage of your Web page is more significant if the visitor spends more time “dwelling” on it. SEO Company in Delhi would be of great assistance to you.

On the other hand, Bounce rate is the proportion of single-page sessions, i.e. whether the visitor has visited any additional sites related to your website or has just fled the site after seeing a single page. The degree of bounce rate varies depending on the field. When it comes to page ranking, the bounce rate is also a decisive element.

How can you increase the amount of time people spend on your website?

Dwell time is an essential measure regardless of how you approach it. Even in its most basic form, it reveals how much time people spend on a specific page. And because they are people who have arrived at your website straight from the Google SERP, they are more likely to investigate it leather sofa set. As a result, you should consider dwelling time to be one of the most critical metrics in determining the quality of your UX, design components, content, and even page-load speed. SEO Agency in Delhi would assist you in increasing dwell time.


To summarise the essay, you must consider dwelling time while developing content for your website. Google ranking variables are inextricably tied to dwell duration. It assists SEO specialists in comprehending how the target audience views the material. SEO Company in Delhi will assist you ideally.

Nothing is more vital than engaging your target audience with the content on your website. To do this, you must improve your website’s speed and include relevant keywords, and TYC Communication can help you with this.