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Home Exchange – The New Way to Vacation Affordably

Home Exchange

For decades, US travelers have used home exchange as a way to travel affordably by swapping a stay in their home for a simultaneous stay in someone else’s home. This model has worked particularly well in Europe, as many Europeans holiday in the month of August, enabling swappers to stay in each other’s homes during the same time period.

In this age of staycation and the search for the perfect yet affordable vacation, Americans are now turning full force to the Europeans’ secret weapon – the home swap.

Rather than paying thousands of dollars for a stay in a hotel or a vacation rental, travelers are using their assets – namely their homes – to make travel affordable.

Home swap The best option for holidays

While the European model of home swap can and does often work for Americans, vacations on this side of the pond can prove to be more complex.

Americans do not limit their vacations to the month of August (we northerners love to vacation in South Carolina, Hawaii, California, Arizona, and Florida during the dark days of winter); the sheer size of our country affords a never-ending supply of vacation destinations

Meaning that few of us may be willing to trade a stay in our suburban home for a stay in someone else’s similarly suburban abode; we seek flexibility whenever possible (what if I’d like to travel to a charming ski chalet in Vail, but I can’t find a Vail ski chalet owner who has any interest in traveling to my home town of Seattle?), and our busy schedules mean that finding the perfect exchange partner ourselves may be unfeasible.

It is particularly important, then, for Americans to search for and find the home exchange program that will best fit their needs. f you are looking for a home swap https://www.thevacationexchange.com/ is a vacation home exchange website allowing tenants to find a mutual exchange.

Home exchange programs

House exchange programs range from simple listing services to full-service home swap coordinators. They also differ as to whether they list primary homes or limit their listings to vacation homes and second homes.

Perhaps the most important way in which home exchange programs differ is in the types of exchanges they offer. All programs offer the traditional mutual and simultaneous home exchange. Home swappers will likely have better luck with a program that also offers both non-mutual and non-simultaneous swaps.

This enables travelers to vacation in any destination of their choosing without the necessity of having to find an exchange partner who would like to use their home.

What to look for in a home exchange program:

A program that allows for the flexibility of non-mutual (sometimes called indirect) and non-simultaneous home exchanges.
A program whose listings include only vacation homes and second homes.
A full-service home exchange program that will help with finding exchanges and arranging them.

At a time when other forms of travel are decreasing, Americans are turning to home swaps, as vacationers look to travel affordably and flexibly.

The Vacation Exchange Network

The Vacation Exchange Network is the premier vacation home exchange program, with vacation homes and second homes all over the United States and around the world.

We are the only program offering full-service coordination and the flexibility of exchanging where and when you want without having to find someone to use your home.