One-Step Guide for Hosting a Virtual Career Fair and Job Fair

A career or job fair can be very valuable for many people, especially for fresh graduates. It helps job seekers to connect with companies that are open for new hirings. Also, it assists people who … Read More

Virtual Career Fair and Job Fair

A career or job fair can be very valuable for many people, especially for fresh graduates. It helps job seekers to connect with companies that are open for new hirings. Also, it assists people who want to switch jobs or industry or career altogether.

But last year, people stumbled across the question of how to host a career/job fair when everything was shut? The answer, going for virtual medium. And hosting a virtual career and job fair.

But there were other challenges like how the recruiter is going to hire people? And so on. So, today, we are going to answer these queries in this article. Before we look at how to host a virtual career/job fair, let’s first understand what is a virtual career and job fair exactly

What is a Virtual Career and Job Fair?

As the name suggests, a virtual career fair and job fair is an online event where recruiters and job seekers connect virtually. It helps in the continuity of the process of hiring. Even if meeting in-person is not possible, like in the case of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Just like work from home, which became widespread last year, hiring people virtually also became popular. And what can be a better way to secure employment than a virtual career/job fair? Multiple recruiters at one single place.

How to Host a Virtual Career Fair and Job Fair

1. Prepare Your Strategy

The first step to host an event is preparing a strategy. Here you need to ask questions with yourself, what is the goal of your virtual career/job fair? How many people are you expecting to show up? When is the date of your event? What are the job opportunities you are focussing on? What will be the selection procedure? And so on.

You need to answer these questions first. And then you need to decide your goals and afterwards, how will you achieve your goals.

This planning includes the platform for your event, marketing, and promotion of your event.

2. Determining Your Budget

The budget is the most crucial part of the planning. The execution of your planning depends upon the budget for your event. Now you must be wondering how to decide the budget for your virtual career/job fairs.

The most important factors that influence your budget are the number of events in your career/job fair and the features and service. These features and services are one you are going to offer to your attendees and recruiters.

The number of events in your virtual career/job fair will vary depending upon the number of attendees and recruiters expected. Also, the features and services you provide will decide the attendees’ experience.

3. Selecting the Platform

The platform you select will be the deciding factor in the experience of your attendees. So it is essential to pick the right platform. Now you must be wondering how to decide which platform is right for you? Let us guide you.

While selecting a platform, you need to look for several things. These things depend upon your need. Like how will the attendees and recruiters interact and communicate? What will the design of your event and customisations available to the exhibitors? How and what data do you want to collect? What will be the security measures available? And lastly, what will the technical and staff support you will get from the platform team?

These factors should be considered before finalising the platform for your virtual career/job fair.

4. Customising your Virtual Booth

Since your attendees will interact through the virtual booths, it is the most vital part of your event. So you must make your booth exciting. Now you must be wondering how to make a booth exciting in a virtual career/job fair?

The answer is simple. You can provide various features to exhibitors so that they can customise their respective booths. These features include Dynamic Banners for displaying logos and branding. A social wall for social media promotion. Other features like creative commercials, coupon slides, announcements, and much more. These features will enable the exhibitors to include colours in their booths with which people associate their brand.

5. Additional features for Your Event

Depending upon the needs of your virtual event, you might need to add more features. These features could solely be dedicated to a virtual career/job fair. These can be Networking tables for in-depth interviews or group discussions; AI matchmaking tools connecting the job seeker to the most appropriate options available. And Notification for videos and live streams of guest speakers. As well as a B2B meeting scheduler, which will help the attendees in networking.

6. Inviting the Potential Exhibitors and Speakers

You should invite employers, recruitment agencies, experts, and guest speakers to participate in your virtual career/job fair. You need to convince them how your event will be beneficial for them. For this, provide them with information like the profile of attendees, structure, and features available at your event. Also, provide them with your strategies and timeline of your event.

7. Hiring the Staff for your Event

After you have prepared a tentative list of your exhibitors, experts and guest speakers, you would like to hire staff for your event. You may require this staff for different work. For instance, screening the attendees, moderating chatrooms and guiding the attendees through the platform.

8. Promoting your Event

You need to promote your event so that more people attend your event. For this, you need social media for marketing your event.

Engage with people on social media to create hype for your event. Share the basic information about your events like what it is about, date and timings. Also, you need to promote speakers/guests that will be available at your event. This will grab people’ attention and will compel them to take action, in other words registering for your event.

9. Engage with Attendees

You need to engage with the attendees to keep them interested in your event. Also, it will help them to stay motivated as they might feel nervous. We can use several features and tools to engage with people. These can be Gamification, social wall, AI matchmaking, live chats and notifications and so on.

10. Collect feedback of Attendees

Feedback from attendees is essential. And you don’t want to miss out on collecting feedback. As it provides you with the summary of your attendees, like their experience, preferences and expectations, and so on. This feedback will help you to make the required changes for your next event.

We hope that this article will provide you with the answers to all your queries. And you will host a successful virtual career and Job fair.

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