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How and when to get an iPhone Battery Replacement?

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Lithium-ion batteries are good in more ways than one. They charge quickly and rarely explode. But there are many drawbacks associated with them. If your battery is showing signs of wear and tear, should you go for iPhone battery replacement?

Remember that lithium-ion batteries become less efficient with every charging cycle. After a specified period, they lose their capacity to be of any practical use for your iPhone.

This article will shed light on how you can get an iPhone battery replacement.

1) Your iPhone is under warranty period.

If it has been less than a year since you purchased your iPhone, there is good news for you. The default Apple warranty lasts for a year covering software issues and physical damages to your Apple product that haven’t been caused due to your fault. So head to the Apple Store and ask for a free iPhone battery replacement.

2) What is your iPhone model?

If your iPhone is out of the warranty period, you can still get iPhone battery replacement service. Apple levies a reasonable fee for replacing the battery that is significantly less when compared with buying a new iPhone.

Recently, the company has laid down new price tags for iPhone battery replacement. For iPhone 6 and later devices, it will cost you USD 49. For newer models like iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR, the iPhone battery replacement fee is pegged at USD 69.

3) Trade your old iPhone for a new one.

If you think that an iPhone battery replacement isn’t enough to bring back your phone in its original shape, then you might consider trading the old iPhone for a new one. Sometimes, an iPhone can permanently lose its efficiency due to lesser-known reasons. In such cases, replacing the battery doesn’t make much sense. Instead, you can trade your existing iPhone for a good deal of cash, or you can avail discount on the purchase of a newer model.

4) Smart battery case is a reliable alternative.

If you think that your iPhone is fit and fine except that it discharges quickly, you can purchase a smart battery case. iPhone battery replacement or buying a new iPhone can be an expensive affair. On the other hand, a smart battery case is cheaper and adds to the iPhone’s current battery, which means that you will have a greater charging capacity than a fresh internal battery.


Remember that the market is full of third-party vendors who provide iPhone battery replacement. It’s wise to approach an authorized Apple service center as they have access to original Apple parts and skilled technicians having years of experience in servicing iPhones. Unauthorized service centers use fake products that can further harm your iPhone. Moreover, iPhones are complex to open and work on. Another reason that may put you off is that unbranded repair shops lack a well-developed support network. Thus, it would be better to spend a little more money on seeking repair services of an authorized Apple center instead of handing over your iPhone to a dubious third-party service center.