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How Can I Pay for College? 7 Suggestions from University of Phoenix


Director of Financial Education Initiatives at University of Phoenix, Christine Conway, has answered this common question for countless students. Like any good educator, she has to tailor her response based on the person in question to help students better understand options for paying for college.

Adult learners have plenty of options when it comes time to pay their tuition bill, but not everyone will have the same opportunities. Explore Conway’s suggestions below to get a better sense of what you can expect.

  1. Scholarships

Scholarships can be either merit based or need based, and each one will have different criteria depending on who is distributing the aid. University of Phoenix provided up to $1 million in scholarships in November 2020.

  1. Grants

Unlike scholarships, grants are primarily need-based. Federal grants, like the Pell, can be instrumental in helping you pay for college. Start with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and see what you’re eligible for.

  1. Employer Benefits

Some companies invest in their employees by paying for their education. Even small businesses may have this perk. If you’re planning to improve your skills in your current position, talk to an HR professional to learn more about your opportunities.

  1. Military Tuition Benefits

Military members may have some tuition expenses covered by their tuition benefits. A financial aid expert can make it easier to understand how to apply general benefits to your individual education path.

  1. Lower-Cost Educational Credits

There are ways to apply existing education to your total credits needed to graduate. At University of Phoenix, you can take a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) that looks at your history to determine if there are any classes you don’t need to take. Sophia, StraighterLine and Study.com also offer less expensive classes that can then be applied to your degree at University of Phoenix.

  1. Savings

Few are eager to reach into their savings account to pay a whole tuition bill, but consider the fact that paying now will mean paying a lot less later.

  1. Loans

Federal loans provide a lower-cost alternative to personal loans or credit cards.

Conway knows that coming up with the money you need for your education can be difficult. She also concedes that a lot of work goes into applying for different options, which can be discouraging if you’re rejected.

Businesses of all sizes are targeted by hackers, not just larger firms. System breaches require time and funds to recover from and restore. They also cause damage not just to infrastructure and customer data lost but also to a company’s public reputation. supplement other cybersecurity programs available through University of Phoenix that provide more insight to students interested in the specialty fields of network forensics or digital forensics.

Still, the real value of education is not found on a tuition bill. Your potential future income is what really matters. Having a college degree can mean everything when it comes to your lifetime earnings.

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