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How Can You Build Your Own Video Platform Online Using Vdocipher and WordPress & LMS Plugins?

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Did you know that 2020 was a year where most people started building valuable skill sets on their own with the help of YouTube? That’s a clear indicator of the rising demand for videos as a means of learning. It’s no secret that e-learning platforms are the future of learning. 

Have you ever thought about building your own video platform considering the surge in the trend for video learning? If you are working with WordPress and LMS plugins, this task is a cakewalk using VdoCipher. In this post, we are going to take a detailed look at how you can build your own video platform online using VdoCipher and WordPress and LMS plugins. Let’s dive right in.

Choose Database, Frontend, and Backend

The first step is to cater to server-side setups and select a frontend and backend. Whether you choose a content management system for creating your video platform or code from scratch is totally your call.

For instance, a CMS like Joomla and WordPress or application-based LMS don’t demand a lot of coding. There are designated plugins and themes available if you would like to customize your video platform according to your requirements. As long as you need a basic level of customization, CMS and LMS will provide you with the same using JavaScript CSS, and HTML.

The frontend is responsible for rendering your Elearning video platform correctly on various screen resolutions and sizes. Other parameters for or a successful frontend include a robust performance, high page speed, lazy-loading, clarity of images, buttons, graphs, navigation menus, font and text color, and so on. 

You can use popular backend frameworks such as PHP, Ruby, python C++ and JavaScript to ensure proper storage and organization of data. After all, that’s what facilitates the seamless working of the front end. Also, depending on the size of the entire structure, you can opt for database is like Sybase and Oracle. However, for small to medium infrastructures, you can also opt for MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Opt for Secure Video Hosting

Creating stunning videos is just one part of running a successful video platform. Let’s just say that content is the heartbeat and security is Oxygen for an online video platform. Video piracy and unsolicited downloads are some of the major concerns while putting valuable Elearning content out on the internet.

We don’t need to point the exceeding number of premium pirated videos out there on free hosting websites. You need a video hosting solution that prevents or regulates password sharing avoids password theft, copyright violation, unauthorized downloads, screen captures, and so on.

But when you opt for VdoCipher to build your own video platform online, you get access to secure video hosting along with adaptive bitrate streaming and seamless distribution of encrypted content via a Content Delivery Network. Some other crucial features include Domain (URL) whitelisting, HLS Encryption, Real-Time Messaging Protocol Encrypted (RTMPE), IP/GEO Restriction, Dynamic watermarking, Video DRM platform, and Screen capture block.

Choose Your Business Model and Integrate a Payment Gateway

Some Business models charge per course whereas others have a subscription-based system. You can also opt for a paid certification model where the course is free. But after completion of the course, students have to pay for obtaining their certification.

Your video platform should facilitate a secure payment gateway transaction and simple and easy checkout experience for users. VdoCipher has a seamless LMS that has an integrated payment gateway. You can also perform a custom integration by using the API of the payment gateway. 

Simplify Finding Content

Include what most users search for and frequently used filters in categorization. Categories offer users clarity on the content type present on a specific page. Lack of categories creates an imbalance in your page design and SEO. After all, you don’t want your own pages to start competing for the same keyword!

It’s also useful to have some filters specific to a category. Once you have captured as many users as possible using filters and categorization, it’s time to get you to search logic. The best thing about using an app-based CMS such as WordPress is that it has an inbuilt search logic.

Focus On Recommendation Scenarios

In this day and age of information overload, it’s already hard for or users to decide on what kind of content to consume. The same thing applies to selecting courses. That’s where personalized services come into the picture! If your video platform successfully identifies the complementary and supplementary preferences of users, various recommendation techniques can help users make an informed decision about what courses to opt for. 

Don’t Forget Support and Social Sharing

Every video platform should offer its customers the option to offer feedback and a facility that solves their problems as soon as possible. Top it up with optimum communication and live chat features and you will have the best customer support ever. This dynamic method of communication exceeds user expectations and guarantees satisfaction.

On the other hand, having clear options for social sharing is an enormous marketing boost beneficial for the visibility of your platform. From organic link building to branding and strengthening the internet presence, social media icons can turn out to be game-changers.

Summing It Up

Videos have provided a comfortable Elearning medium to most people. Reading huge blocks of text have always been challenging for the majority. But when audiovisuals add depth and dimensions to knowledge, it simplifies learning and improves engagement. This helps learners retain the necessary information and make things interesting. 

The best thing is that if you are planning on building your own video platform online using VdoCipher and WordPress and LMS plugins, the process is pretty straightforward. VdoCipher takes care of encoding, storage interaction, embedding, video quality, and so on. The best part is its Video DRM  security and dynamic watermarking that safeguards your content by providing screen recording.  When it comes to video playback Vdocipher is your best bet for wordpress video hosting

Customizable online video player and server-player package are some more beneficial features VdoCipher offers. So what are you waiting for? Reap the benefits of a leading video hosting solution and build a thriving video platform.