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How can you discover that the iPhone needs a battery replacement?


Undoubtedly, the iPhone has always been a favorite of the masses. The only complaint that the iPhone user always had is poor battery life.  As time passes, the battery of an iPhone becomes weaker to a point where a user needs to charge it even 4-5 times a day.  For the iPhone user who is always on the phone and trades or works on a phone, the battery issue can become a serious deterrent in a user’s daily life.

To overcome this situation, you must have a fully charged portable charger along with you all the time. In addition, you also try to reduce the use of external apps such as iPad repairs Melbourne sites, cameras, and music apps for longer power backup. Although the new iPhone seems to have better battery life, the older versions including iPhone 5, iPhone 6 to iPhone 7, had complaints of poor battery life and battery health.

In this article, we will discuss the scenarios that how can you find out that you need an iPhone battery replacement.

1) Visit an Apple Franchise

The first step is to take your iPhone to an Apple store for a diagnostic check. After the professional staff analyzes your iPhone, you will get a detailed report of what is going on with your iPhone battery. Moreover, you also get to know what issue your device is facing. The majority of people consider it a time-taking process. Likewise, getting an appointment at your desired time and store is not always possible.

2) Check Battery Health via Apps

Numerous applications are available on the Apple store that you can download to measure the battery health of an iPhone. Some common and most used applications are listed below:

  1. a) Coconut Battery

First of all, this application can be easily downloaded because it is free. Secondly, it measures the status of your iOS device’s battery in-depth. Besides an iPhone, this app also measures other iOS devices including MacBook and iPad.

Now, let’s discuss how this app works. After the application has downloaded, launch the app and plugin an iPhone with the cable. This app will now display useful details about your iPhone such as full charging capacity, current battery status and health, cycle count, and much more. Although it measures these details in-depth but also faces limitations. It will only give accurate detail about that iPhone that has never restored.

  1. b) Battery Life

This app is also free and easy to download. It will give you a detailed graph of your iPhone’s battery health. To discover your iPhones battery health, launch the app, and go to the battery life section of the app. Then, tap on the ‘details’ to know the details of your iPhone’s battery. A giant graph will appear showing the battery wear level. Moreover, in this graph, you can compare the charging capacity of a battery, when it was new and now when it has used.

3) Quick Health Checkup Via Built-in Settings

The easiest and quickest way to determine the battery health of an iPhone is by going directly to your settings. Under the settings menu, click on ‘Battery’. There will be no specific details listed for you to understand the problems related to your battery. If you do not see anything, this means that your battery is working fine. If an iPhone battery replacement is required, you will see a notification on the top indicating that it’s time for a battery replacement.

As we discussed three scenarios and ended up with a point that every solution has some limitations. What if even after all this, you are still unclear and need expert advice?

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