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How can you maintain your Cummins pickup truck?


If you’re talking about diesel trucks, you must be pretty familiar with the first Generation Cummins. They are still the best diesel engine to ever put up in a diesel pickup truck. The most reliable, durable, and consistently performing engines ever made and still successfully outclassing the competition. Like old gold that needs some brushing to sustain its shine, these engines also require proper time to time maintenance. It does have an impressive reputation, but that doesn’t guarantee good previous care, right? Constant Engine oil checks, Proper fluid levels, Availability of first gen Cummins parts, etc., It takes a lot to maintain such a masterpiece. But looking at this generation of engines, finding authentic First Gen Cummins parts can be quite a task to accomplish. 

It’s not easy to find, but who said that it’s impossible. This blog will provide you with the most common maintenance tips coming directly from the engine owners themselves and little guidance about the First Gen spare parts availability online.

  • Mandatory Prechecks 
  1. The first thing you should do if you have just purchased a Cummins is a full maintenance overhaul. This will give you an idea about how the engines have been used and if you’ve made a wise decision to put your money on it.
  2. Take a look at the truck’s mileage and compare it with the previous or the usual mileage that you expect. That might also provide you with a clear picture.
  3. Check all the Fluids, oils, and Parts because they can lose their quality and degrade with time. 
  • Normal Service Schedule

Servicing of an engine has some time-distance milestones defined according to the engine’s usual capacity and counterparts. The essential milestones and the brief specifications are mentioned below:

1. The 6-month/6000 miles/9600 Km. Milestone

Engine Oil and Oil Filter Change falls under this milestone category. You change these whenever your beast reaches any of the above-highlighted milestones.

2. The 12-month/12000 miles/19,200 Km. Milestone

This milestone says that it’s time to replace the Fuel filter of the engine that is another essential part that constitutes the smooth functioning of the pickup truck.

3. The 24-month/24000 miles/38,400 Km. Milestone

When your engine reaches this milestone, it’s time to observe the fluids that are making your engine run. You have to Drain and Refill your Automatic Transmission Fluid. Apart from this, you have to replace the automatic transmission filter and adjust the engine’s Automatic Transmission Band. The last thing you have to check on this milestone is the Valve lash. If it doesn’t work fine, you have to adjust it accordingly. Another fluid that needs to be checked and that is the Replace Transfer Case Fluid. This also needs to be replaced after the engine reaches the 36000 km mark.

4. The 24-month/48000 Km./30000 miles Milestone 

After reaching this milestone, the mandatory checks that need to be done in your engine would be the Flush Cooling System checks. They should be checked two times, before the Initial Flush and after the Initial Flush. This leads your engine to cool down in a proper way that leads to a longer life. 

5. 100,000 miles/5 years of run

Other checks and maintenance that need to be kept in mind are the Rear Differential Fluid and the Front Differential Fluid that needs to change after 100,000 miles or five years of the run. 

  • Spare Parts

Maintenance thoroughly comes with the replacement of spare parts and accessories to keep the machine appropriate and running. But depending upon this exquisite engine’s age, First Gen Cummins parts are pretty hard to find in the markets. But as we live in the modern technology era, pretty much everything is just a click away. You can indeed write the needful thing’s name over google, and you will get numerous links regarding the same. 


So I think with the help of this blog, you must have got some idea about how you should maintain your beast in the right way and how much attention it needs to work appropriately. An adequately maintained Cummins can last for a lifetime in your Pickup truck and is good to go in just the first ignition.