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How Can You Put the First Good Impression with a Headshot Photograph?


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Does getting a good headshot should be your next business move? Approaching clients in the digital era is only possible through an online presence. Every business has social media sites, but only a few seriously work on them. Working on social media sites is important to get the client’s first impression, and a headshot could be the right move.

One research on facial expression by Cognition and Emotional Journal has revealed that only 100 milliseconds are enough for someone to judge you by face. The brain decides to trust someone or not by examining facial expressions. That’s why a headshot can play a big role in getting the first impression. Similarly, getting a top headshot from experienced photographers in Skippack, PA, has many benefits. 

Why is corporate headshot important in a new age of social media?

Empathy is the key. A smiling face grabs the people’s attention and develops trust. Someone who visits your website would be happy to see smiling faces of satisfied employees to conclude that you have a great team. Any investor or client is only interested in your business when they trust you. That’s why getting a corporate headshot is a good investment.

Can a headshot communicate my company’s value?

Pictures on your company website are just not for showing the face of your employees. Many companies make the mistake of putting employees’ selfies on the website. Another mistake is that they put the cropped picture of their employees on the website. You need to understand that a headshot communicates your company’s core values. Each face on the website shows your employees’ commitment, integrity, and morale. So, it is important to put clean and clear headshots on your company’s website.

How can I generate people’s interest in my company?

Most of the business websites are filled with product descriptions and company information, but you can change the game by showing the human side of your company. Add headshots of your employees and yourself to communicate a feeling. All headshots must be consistent with maintaining uniformity.

In Philadelphia, can I find the best headshots photography service in King of Prussia, PA?

A little research can yield you the best photographers of the king of Prussia. You can start an online search, ask your friends, or reach out to someone on LinkedIn with a great headshot photograph.