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How COVID-19 affects student academic life

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Since march month, governments in different countries have started to force severe restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. China was the first country where it was all started, and they prove that restrictions help fight against coronavirus. Due to the restrictions and full control of the citizens, Java Homework Help, the virus stopped multiplying. America has become the first country in which the number of cases increased many times. America is currently at the top in the number of deaths from COVID-19.  Some say that such a result is because America has a lot of pensioners. Others are convinced that the coronavirus is deadly for all types of age, and tourists have brought it to America.

Due to the continuous spread of COVID-19, the American government has inflicted many severe restrictions. Now every resident of the country is required to stay at home. At first glance, such actions seem okay because they help stop the virus from growing. However, it turned out that quarantine made a lot of difficulties that are hard to cope with. There are lots of people who got affected by Covid and students are one of them.

This Lockdown has impacted hundreds of millions of students. Students who don’t have internet or laptop at home are the one who got affected the most.

How COVID-19 affects student academic life

There are no significant benefits because there is a huge loss in jobs, education, lives, and the country’s economy. But here, we have mentioned about the students only how their life got affected after the pandemic.

The adoption rate is around 50-60% in online classes; on the other side, the adoption was around 80-90% in the classroom. Online classes affect the students’ eyes because they had to sit long hours in front of the screen.

Small children like primary school kids must not have this type of class because they have low focusing power, and these small children cannot sit for a longer time in front of the screen.

Many students don’t have the internet and access to computers and laptops. Most of these students don’t have enough money to buy a laptop or computer. These types of students completely depend on their teachers to get help in the best possible way.

There is a lack of facilities of practical knowledge after the pandemic. Students grasp more practical knowledge than theoretical knowledge. Students staying at home cannot perform any experiment anymore.

Students are evaluated based on their assignments, that’s why they are asked to complete many assignments at a time. This puts them in a very difficult situation.

Surely, there are many bad factors like there are no examinations; Students are given marks based on their assignments. This may affect their career in the future. These factors are going to imply a child’s further life. Some students might hate schools and colleges, but the knowledge they get from their teachers will be helpful in the future also. With educational knowledge, students will also get the guidelines for the future.

How COVID-19 Changed Students Lives?

Because of the Pandemic, the lives of almost every person has changed. A lot of people lost their jobs, and students’ lives have changed. Some students are left alone in other countries who are working and studying there. Many of them wanted to come back to their country, but because of COVID-19, they had to stay there. Another problem that is caused by COVID-19 is the Education system. As we know, in schools and colleges, all deadlines are set a year in advance. Because of the pandemic, students cannot complete their subjects. Colleges and Universities have changed the tests and exams dates.

The change is what terrifies students. Because of the pandemic, they cannot pull themselves together and keep studying. Not only because of quarantine students’ lives have changed; there are many other reasons:

  • Lack of incomes or loss of earnings from parents
  • The decline of the psychological state due to negative news and events
  • Fear of getting infected or spreading of disease to relatives
  • Scared to lose a scholarship or funding
  • Burnout due to an excess of knowledge
  • Loss of a close one (several people stayed foreign due to the closure of borders)
  • The challenge of studying at home in the present situation

Home studying vs. Online Studying: What’s the Difference?

Many students have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Suddenly they are asked to study online from home as there are no offline classes. Coronavirus affected almost every student’s life; it has affected more those getting a bachelor’s degree. One of the biggest benefits of offline classes is that students can ask their doubts face to face. But online teachers cannot deal with students individually and that’s an online class’s biggest disadvantage.


As you have seen from the above information that not only students who got affected by the COVID-19 pandemic but also big companies temporarily closed or shut down. Students are worried about being affected by the virus and at the same time they are worried about their career. The people who were working in the forign countries had lost their source of income and stuck there. Those people left with no option other than to stay there, even though they wanted to come back home but they couldn’t.

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