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How Creatively Can You Put Up Glass Shelves in Your Home?

Gondola shelving

Glass shelves are a beautiful feature that you can have at home. And why are they loved so much? Because they have this ability to let light pass through it. They add a great new dimension to the space, be it your home, office or retail stores. This classy feature has surprisingly maintenance, durable and highly functional.

So, how creatively can you implement in your household?

Setting Up Glass Shelves as A Partition Wall

A glass partition works great in dividing a space when you have a plan of an open living area. Dividing up a space using glass shelving or glass cabinets, allowing you to have designated spaces for different uses, yet not compromising on the flow of natural light.

For example, a glass shelving as a separator works best when to need to separate your living room from the dining area, or the dining area from you open kitchen.

Installing Glass Shelves Across A Mirror

Glass shelving placed across a mirror creates an illusion that the space you are in is bigger than how it looks. Because it allows light to pass through it which bounce off the glass surfaces in and around the room, the room looks bigger and brighter.

Install a glass shelving or an open glass cabinet in front a mirror and display products. The mirror behind will add the right amount of glitz and glam to your indoor space.

This works great for washrooms too, where smart lighting can add glitz to a lot of reflective surfaces.

Glass Shelves Across A Window

Installation of glass shelves across windows maximises storage space just like that, and you need not compromise on natural light. It is a great space to display plants, flowers and bonsais, and maybe a few glassware too.

On sunny afternoons, the glass display cabinets or glass shelves near the window will refract the light and create beautiful patterns on your walls all throughout the day.

Glass Shelves That Are Hanged

Hanging glass shelves creates a one-of-its-kinds statement. It is a great way to make use of an otherwise empty space. Strategic placement of hanging glass shelves can add a strong focal point to a room.

For a more designer or futuristic approach to your room, you can choose to create a partition wall with hanging glass shelves.

Floating Wall-Mounted Shelves

Want to add a smart, new look to your interiors? Mount the glass shelf on your wall in such a way that it seems as it is hanging on the unsupported and “floating”. These look beautiful, especially when made from glass. They provide an added dimension to a room and makes it stand out.

Creating A Wall Feature with Glass Shelves

You can try and design a beautiful wall feature by installing mono-coloured or multi-coloured glass to your walls. This will add a texture to your walls and make it look vibrant. Glass creates simple, yet very stylish and chic interior designs.

Home Organisations Skill Tip: Usage of Glass Shelves

Coloured glass shelves are a great place to organise your household items and make them look classy.

Use coloured glass shelves in your kitchen. Replace that wide, wooden bookshelf with a sleek glass one. You can also get the cupboard-under-the-stairs redesigned into a stylish glass wardrobe and display your favourite pairs of shoes. Believe us, it would look just the way a designer boutique looks.

Glass shelves also look beautiful when paired with that wooden cupboard. While the wooden frame makes it look prominent, the glass adds light to it quite effectively. Many like to combine this old-school beauty with modern techniques.

Popularity of Glass Shelves in Modern Homes

Just the way retail stores are incomplete without gondola shelving, glass shelves too are quite synonymous with modern homes. But they work really well with older properties too, where a lot of natural light can be a problem.

So, whether you want to redo your home and install a glass shelving as a statement piece or a luxurious display rack, a sleek shelf should definitely be on your cards.

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