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How did the drum dumper equipment evolve from simple machines?


Machines have made the life of humans quite easy. They are present in every walk of human life. Take a look around you; all these massive buildings and beautiful structures you lay your eyes upon are made with the help of these machines. There are basic machines that are used on every job site. Machines such as drum dumper equipment, pulley machines, and wheel-axle machines are common examples of the most used machines. 

What is a machine?

When we say machine people automatically assume a complex-looking set of gears and cogs that is used for heavy works. Going by this definition a gasoline engine used to run a factory’s belts can be considered a machine. But the hammer that is used to fix a nail is also a machine. Machines do not have to be necessarily big or complex to fit into the definition. Anything that eases human effort and increases the efficiency of the work can be called a machine. 

Applications of machines 

Machines transform one form of energy to another. They may also be used to increase or decrease the magnitude of the energy being applied to the work done. For example, we use pulleys to lift heavyweights and these weights are carried over easily through pulleys and can also be made to reach a certain height. Machines can not only increase the magnitude but also the speed of the work being done; Bicycles are a good example of this. Of course, motorcycles and cars are there, but if we are talking about converting the human effort into mechanical energy then the bicycle is a really good example. Not only do machines convert the form of energy, but they can also be used to transfer energy from one place to another too. For example, crankshafts, connecting rods, driveshafts, and axles are used in motors of most machines to convert the energy from the central component of the machine to other parts. And then we have machines like drum dumper that are used for moving weights as well as reducing human effort. 

There may be several kinds of machines; however, according to the physicists, all these machines can be broadly categorized into two categories: machines that work on the basic principle of lever and the machines that work on the principle of the inclined plane. Machines that work on the principle of the lever are wheel and axel, block machines, and gears. Drum dumper equipment also falls under this category. Machines that work on the principle of the inclined plane are the wedge and screws. Apart from these two principles machines can simply be classified into six categories. These six simple machines can be combined to make more complex machines.

The lever

The lever is the simplest machine. It is like a seesaw where both ends are balanced by identical weights. This is the basic setup for a lever. Many more variations can be created by adding different weights and rest stops for the lever. These different variations of a lever are classified as first-class, second-class, and third-class levers.

Block pulleys

Block pulleys are yet another simple machines that are really helpful on a job site. A block pulley consists of a hook to which a revolving chain is attached. This chain is further rested on a shaft that is connected to a rope or chain. 

Wheel and axle

Wheel and axle is an extended application of block pulleys. A log of wood acts as a center of mass for the stretched rope and is known as the axle of the setup.

Wedge (Inclined plane)

A wedge is any plank of wood placed at an inclined angle. The inclined plane of the plank makes it easier for the transportation of goods. 


A screw is a simple machine that has varied uses. It can be used to hold things together, drill into places, and carry weights.


Gears are simple cogs put into such a combination that the movement of one cog generates speed for another one. 

All these are examples of simple machines. Any complex machine is a combination of two or more simple machines. If you need to know more about complex machines such as a drum dumper or your job site requires any such machine click here to know more.