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How do I Check the Status of My 9GEMS Education Scholarship?


Once you’ve applied for financial aid, you’ll receive a response within ten days if you are one of the successful applicants. Before then, the Global Schools Foundation, which provides the scholarship opportunities, sites to decide the students that will get the 9GEMS scholarship award in that particular period.

If you do not get a positive response, you won’t need to worry. There are different types of GIIS scholarships you can apply to and see if you’ll get the help you need. 

Also, you can apply as many times as you want for the same scholarship you did before. 

What to expect when you are selected for the 9GEMS education scholarship at GIIS campuses

After receiving a positive email notification within ten days, there will be a selection process. 

That process involves taking a scholarship test and participating in a face-to-face interview. Don’t worry. It isn’t nearly as intimidating as it may seem. 

With a little preparation, you can whiz through the two rounds without sweating it.

Practice the interview in advance. That will help you express yourself clearly when it is finally time to engage the scholarship panel. 

As for the scholarship test, you will take it at your chosen best GIIS campus. 

Once you ace through it, the GSF will disburse your financial aid to the specific India international school you will attend.

How does the GSF decide on successful applicants? 

The Global Indian International School education scholarships are deliberated upon by the GIIS scholarships board. 

The board decides whom to award the financial aid based on the criteria it outlines in its eligibility criteria for the respective scholarships.

Take the 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship as an example. 

The 9GEMS scholarship is a merit scholarship for students that demonstrate a keen passion for excelling in any of the nine areas that the GIIS holistic curriculum covers:

  • Academics
  • Sports excellence
  • Personality development
  • Community and Care
  • Visual and Performing arts
  • Innovation and creativity 
  • Entrepreneurship and leadership 
  • Universal values and Ethics
  • Skill development 

Getting recognition in any one of those areas can help you get the scholarship at schools in Noida

That means you would need to attach the certificate of participation in such an event when applying for the scholarship.

Also, check if you got all the application details right

Remember, all GIIS scholarship applications are made online. 

You need to fill the scholarship application form right on the specific GIIS campus website you wish to attend.

If you do not fill in all the required details, the system will not process your incomplete scholarship request.

Also, be sure that you attached all the necessary documents. 

More importantly, attach the supporting documents that are most relevant to the specific Global India School scholarship you want. 

For the 9GEMS education scholarship we’ve used as an example earlier, that would primarily be: 

  • Certificates, awards, or other types of proof of recognition in a credible international, regional, or national event.

To Sum Up

You’ll receive an email notification from the GSF if you have been selected to get a GIIS scholarship.

Sit tight. You are almost there. 

Are you ready to get the help you need to live out your full potential?