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How Do I Connect My Canon Printer to Connect to WI-FI?


The new Canon printer models provide a wireless connectivity feature where you can easily connect your printer to the PC or phone without using the USB cable. This feature is very useful when you need to take the printout from a phone device. Now you don’t need to transfer the file to the PC and then take the printout. Another benefit is that you can easily take printouts from any corner of your home. You can use the Wi-Fi direct or network for taking printouts with Canon.

Installing the printer driver on the PC

No matter if you have connected the device via USB cable or wireless; you need a printer driver on your device. The driver acts as a bridge between the printer and the PC. When you give a print command from the computer; the printer driver conveys the command to your printer. The printer starts printing after receiving the command. You will receive the printer driver CD with your printer. You have to copy the setup from the CD to your device and then install it. But if you don’t have the CD or CD drive on your system then you need to install the driver from the internet. You also read how to Error Copying File Or Folder Unspecified Error Windows 10.

Follow the steps to install the Canon printer driver on your computer:

  1. Open the PC and go to your internet browser
  2. Search for Canon website
  3. Go to the support tab
  4. Open the download page
  5. Now choose the OS, type of software, and language
  6. Ensure that you have selected the driver for your printer model
  7. Hit the download button
  8. The driver will start downloading on your PC
  9. Once complete, go to the Downloads folder
  10. Double click on Canon printer driver
  11. A permission wizard will be displayed

Click on the Allow button and the Canon printer driver will start installing on the computer. After completing the printer driver installation process, restart your computer.

Setting Printer Wi-Fi connection using WPS 

For connecting your Canon printer to the access point (router), the access point should have a WPS (physical) button. In case the router does not have the physical WPS pin then you can connect the printer using a Standard connection. Your connection must be password protected.

Now follow the steps to set up the printer:

  1. Turn on your Canon printer
  2. Press the Wi-Fi button and hold it until the orange lamp (next to the Wi-Fi button) flash once
  3. Now the Wi-Fi lamp will start blinking blue for searching the access point

Once your Canon MG3600 setup completes, the lamp will turn green and stay lit. After completing the printer setup, try to take a printout.

Follow the steps for taking printout with Canon printer:

  1. Turn on your printer
  2. Check the pages on the input tray
  3. Make sure you have ink on the cartridge

Press and hold the Cancel button of the printer until the lamp flashes fifteen times. Now release it and your printer will print the network information page. On the printout, if the connection shows Active then you have successfully set the printer to the network. Once you connect the printer to your network, you can give the print command from all the devices you have connected with that network. Make sure your network is password protected otherwise anyone can access your printer.

Connecting Canon printer to Smartphone

You can directly connect your printer to the smartphone using Wi-Fi. You have to install an application (printer driver) and take printouts easily:

  1. Open your Android phone
  2. Go to the Play Store and search for Canon Print Inkjet/Selphy
  3. Install the application on your device
  4. Now open the Wi-Fi on your phone
  5. Go to your Canon device and press the Menu button
  6. Navigate to the Wi-Fi settings and hit the OK button
  7. Choose Connection settings and click on OK
  8. Now check the printer name and hit the ok button
  9. Tap the Direct Connection button

And follow the on-screen instruction for completing the setup. Now go to the gallery and click on the photo you want to print. Give the print command and your printer will start printing your photo.