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How Do I Know If My JBL Flip 4 is Real?


How do I know if my JBL Flip 4 is real? You can actually ask a professional basketball player or coach. They will tell you right away. Don’t believe me? Ask Kobe or Lebron James.

Dallas Mavericks

You see, they have been there. They know how the game is played. And when I say real, I mean it. Don’t believe me? Just look at last year’s team. The Dallas Mavericks, one of the top teams in the NBA the previous season, lost to the eventual champion Los Angeles Lakers in six games.

Michael Jordan

What did we as fans come to expect? We expected to see the guy that was on the basketball court with Michael Jordan run the offense. We were expecting an all-star lineup featuring the big three and the reserves. That’s just what we were used to seeing on a weekly basis.

So, you ask yourself, “How do I know if my JBL Flip 4 is real?” Well, it’s about time you get some answers. You’re about to find out. Let’s get started.

Professional Athletes

If you’re wondering how the professional athletes do what they do, you need to pay attention to what they are doing. If they are able to consistently dunk a basketball after two months in training, that’s very real. It is no joke.

Product Reviews

So, how do I know if my JBL Flip 4 is real? I go onto the internet and search the internet for reviews on the product. After about 20 minutes of looking, I found out about a company that makes basketball Hoopla products. Next, I looked up their phone number and called them. A nice woman who answered the phone told me everything I wanted to know.


She told me the Jbl T450Bt was the perfect basketball shoe for an individual player. That’s why I got my Flip for my nickname. She told me they had basketball research and development teams. These teams put a lot of time and money into developing every shoe the company has ever brought out. Every shoe is light weight and has extreme comfort. There feet are protected with technology that reduces injuries.

The good news is I can have those shoes and be on my way to getting ready to play that next game. I just have to wait until my Flip arrives from its warehouse. If you’re wondering, “How do I know if my JBL Flip 4 is real?” This is the real answer. Don’t delay, get your Flip today.

Else Needs One

Now, that you have this question, who else needs one? Well, I did! I have two basketball players that wear the JBL Flip. I invite you to try one on and see what it’s like. You will be glad you did.

Great Works

My friends and I call this the best basketball shoe ever made. Our trainer, Coach K, plays with his Flip and loves it. He says it feels perfect. Our trainer usually does his run in the park with his Flip too so he knows it works great. He said it absorbs shock very well. He also loves that it allows him to transition well while playing defense.

When I answer the phone I’ll ask you a few questions. One of those questions is “When you were in the gym why did you feel it was working so good?” Another question is “When did you first start using it?” And the most important one’s “Do you still use it?”


If the answer is no to all the questions above, you might be ready to purchase a pair. Or you might want to wait a couple years until the new technology comes out. Or, you might want to try it for a while. That’s totally up to you. Call me up and we’ll see if your JBL Flip can make you go from an average NBA athlete to an amazing NBA athlete.