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How Do I Speed Up My Dell Laptop


If you are looking for answers on how to speed up my dell laptop then this article will give you some of the things you might want to consider. As we all know, laptops are quite slow when it comes to booting up and using programs. You might even have experienced that annoying “system shutdown” message right when you wanted to use your computer. These things are caused by poor connections or slow Internet access. Although these are very frustrating, knowing how to speed up my dell laptop is not impossible. There are certain things you can do to make your computer faster.

Let us start with the most basic thing – connection. The faster your connection, the faster you’ll be able to get on the Internet. One of the easiest ways to boost your connection is by using an Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you have DSL, cable or a wireless router then your connection will already be faster than dial-up or a wireless bar.

When talking about speed up my dell laptop, one of the most important factors is, no matter which operating system your computer is using, you need to have a speedy Internet connection. The reason for this is because when you download large files from the Internet, there is a good chance that your Internet connection speed will get a hit. To prevent this problem, when you download large files from the Internet, go to the website to download the file first and then go back to the Windows desktop. This will allow your computer to read the files faster.

Another way to speed up my dell laptop is by cleaning up files. It’s a good habit to keep your computer clean and free from junk files. The junk files slow down your computer because they collect in your computer’s hard drive. You can speed up your dell laptop’s speed by deleting these files as soon as you download them from the Internet.

By using a good antivirus program that protects your system from viruses can also speed up your computer’s speed. Because your computer is protected with an antivirus program, it can scan all the junk files and remove them from your computer. The junk files can slow down your Internet connection speed tremendously, so before downloading anything from the Internet, make sure to check if there are viruses in your computer first. If there are, delete them to increase your Internet speed.

A slower connection will make your laptop work slower. One way to speed up my dell laptop is by setting a faster Internet connection. You can do this by selecting the “internet speed” option while browsing the Web. A higher speed will allow your browser to download information faster and load web pages more quickly. Make sure you have a high speed Internet connection otherwise your laptop’s performance will be decreased.