Home Education How do preschools in Dubai help in children’s development?

How do preschools in Dubai help in children’s development?

How do preschools in Dubai help in children's development
How do preschools in Dubai help in children's development

Preschools are educational establishments that help in the early childhood learning of children before they start with the regular school. The pre-schoolers are usually between 3 to 5 years of age. The system of a preschool varies widely depending upon culture to culture, country to country, and many other factors but one thing that remains the same is that these schools aim to encourage the social, emotional, mental, physical, and overall development of the children. 

Role of Dubai preschools in a child’s development? 

In Dubai, basic education begins at the age of 5 years. Most of the preschools in Dubai facilitate both outdoor and indoor areas, even swimming pools and selected play equipment for the children. There are reading rooms, playrooms, creative labs, and similar places which facilitate activities that help in the specific as well as the overall development of the children.

The activities in a preschool are designed and laid out in a way that helps in both the gross and fine motor development of a child. By gross development we mean activities like walking and by fine motor development, we mean activities like finger movement and other movements that are controlled by the nervous system of the body.

Social, Emotional and Communication skills an important factor in preschools

Preschools in Dubai also help in communication development by teaching the child to use and process visual and sound stimuli.

The awareness of a child’s emotions and feelings and how they react and vent in a given situation are also one of the major concerns of a preschool. Not only emotional development but social development is also of great concern. The child’s understanding and behaviour with the parents, friends, acquaintances, new people, etc. 

Many Indian International schools that provide preschool education help a child to build confidence, encourage him or her to socialize, acknowledge their emotions, and deal with them. Preschool encourages independence and clarity of various number concepts and helps children explore and experiment with the things around them, investigate, create and discover. These activities create authentic experiences for children and help them in better understanding the environment around them.  

Why is early learning important in a child’s life?

The early years are the most influential ones in a child’s life as the brain can absorb the information given and seen, learn, and develop themes well. The instructions are given while the early learning is going on in a child’s life to help the child to maximize teamwork, develop social skills, and enhance creativity. The guided playtime helps the physical development of the child. And all the preschools, their staff, and teachers make sure that these activities and not just activities but runtime for children. 

The role of parents in a child’s preschool years

For most of the children playing and having fun comes naturally, but some children may take time to respond or may take time to accommodate themselves with the other children around and with other fun activities that their classmates take part in. The activities alone are not very helpful unless there is proper guidance and the parents and teachers are 100% involved and invested as it’s crucial during this age. The adults around the child need to provide them with proper resources, time, and space. The schools in Dubai take care of these factors and make sure it’s not just the teachers, but the parents too who are equally involved with the child and the above-stated activities. This helps improve and better the relationship of the children not just with the people around but with their parents and family.

How Curriculums at kindergarten level in India International schools help children learn faster and better 

There are many curriculums out of which some have gained more popularity and have more perks than the others in the India International Schools in Dubai. International Baccalaureate is one of those curriculums. It consists of four programs, primary years program (PYP), middle years program (MYP), diploma program, and career-related program. It was adopted in 1976 in India, and at present, 41+ schools in Dubai now follow this curriculum. This curriculum is designed in a specific way that takes care of all the factors like global acceptance, competency, and outlook. It focuses on critical thinking, balanced study time, efficiency with managing extracurriculars, and out-of-the-room learning. 

Montessori curriculum in International schools

The Montessori curriculum is also one of the major curriculums followed in India International Schools in Dubai. Its focus is on five key areas, Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language, and Cultural Studies. Teachers encourage a child’s independence which is directly related to the child’s sense of empowerment and their ability to learn faster. When the child is ready, the next stage of learning is introduced. This curriculum practiced at preschools in Dubai consists of the activities that we observe in day-to-day life as learning about the activities of day-to-day lifestyle is a major concern. 


The preschoolers and kindergartners aim to achieve the goals through proper strategies that cover all the aspects necessary for a child’s growth. Apart from activities, it is also imperative to recognize every child’s strength and weakness through constant communication and analysis. Most of the preschools in Dubai aim to achieve everything mentioned above with proper care and affection for the children.