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How Does Cerakote Differ From Other Firearm Coatings?


Choosing the right type of coating for your firearm is necessary as you have to make sure that your firearm can withstand the rough condition and usage. Well, most people think that they can just choose any type of coating for their firearm and maintain the look and quality of their firearm for long but that’s not true. Choosing the right type of coating specific to firearms is necessary for all firearm owners.

Well, the most popular coating for firearms in the market is Cerakote. It’s true that Cerakote is not a new kid on the block but still many people are not aware of the difference between Cerakote and other types of coatings and this is why we are going to discuss this common question in this blog post.

The difference between Cerakote and high-temp powder coat

Powder coating has been the most popular choice for many years but in the last couple of years, people have started shifting from the very popular powder coating to the very effective Cerakote coating buy dining table online.

When you compare Cerakote coating with powder coating on the basis of high-temperature tolerance and ultra-thin finish then Cerakote coating will surpass powder coating. Most people stick with Cerakote high temp finish because it offers better protection, aesthetics, and even improved performance in comparison to what powder coat offers.

The difference between Cerakote and Anodizing

In the last couple of years, there is a long list of firearm manufacturers who have shifted from the very old anodizing coating to the now popular Cerakote finish. This has mainly happened because there was a demand for consistency in color which was not possible in the case of anodizing.

Anodizing is famous for its problematic color inconsistency and it didn’t even provide any protection against any type of corrosion as well. These two disadvantages of anodizing have pushed it far back in the race of competition and Cerakote high temp is now rising as a leader in the market of firearm coating.

The difference between Cerakote and Bluing

One of the main things that differentiate both Cerakote and bluing is the level of protection provided by these two popular types of coating. On all the performance test of the surface on which the finish is applied, Cerakote has surpassed bluing and since the first thing people look for while choosing a coating is protection, people have started abandoning bluing.

In addition to this, the corrosion protection provided by bluing is on a mediocre level and there is limited color selection as well. But that is not the case with Cerakote coating as it offers the best corrosion protection and you get a long list of colors to choose from.

The difference between Cerakote and Nitride

If you have been a nitride fan for many years then you will be surprised to know that Cerakote offers 150x better and longer protection against corrosion in comparison to nitride and this is not just a number based on instinct as it has been proved through proper tests coffee table online.

If you don’t want your firearm to catch corrosion and if you don’t want to compromise with the shine and look offered by your firearm then you should get rid of the nitride coating and move to Cerakote coating as soon as possible.

Cerakote coating has been around for a long time but it took many years for people to understand its benefits, especially in the case of firearms. So, if you own a shining firearm and want to keep it safe and protected, you should use Cerakote coating and offer the best layer of protection.