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How does Sales Readiness help to Close Performance Gaps &Get Better Results?

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One of the most efficient tools for optimizing your sales process and supporting your organization in meeting sales quotas is sales readiness software. As a result, your team will be able to practice through video roleplay, benchmark efforts, forecast outcomes and easily meet sales targets.


If your company has been utilizing a sales readiness platform for a while, you’re probably familiar with its function in day-to-day operations. That is why most companies spend a significant amount of time determining which sales readiness software best matches their needs.


With the expansion in the number of companies producing products in the sales technology arena, the number of platform categories has increased as well. To mention a few, there are sales acceleration platforms, sales development platforms, sales enablement platforms, and sales engagement platforms. The name perfectly encapsulated what they wanted their company to stand for. The future of predictable sales is sales preparation. You must make the process of learning and absorbing the information that salespeople require enjoyable and unthreatening.


What’s wrong with conventional sales training?

In the last ten years, the nature of the sales process has altered dramatically. When you consider the environment in which excellent salesmen thrive, you’ll notice that it’s a lot more dynamic. The business cycle has shifted; it used to last 6 to 12 months. These days, those kinds of dynamic changes have to be adapted to, in a matter of weeks.


During the onboarding process, there is typically a month or two of wasted time due to inefficiencies. Pre-work has already been completed using a technology platform such as MindTickle. The sales reps arrive with a foundation of expertise. The other difficulty is the synchronization of travel and time zones, which must be handled in a bigger multi-location organization. Companies should break down the seven-month sales-ready cycle into phases and milestones.


How can MindTickle’s role-playing feature assist sales reps in being more prepared?

This tool allows salespeople to practice important client conversation scenarios such as managing objections, giving an elevator pitch, and discussing price. Managers can then provide qualitative and quantitative feedback on the recordings that have been submitted.


There are two main pillars of sales preparedness, both of which are critical in establishing a 360-degree strategy for preparing sales agents and customer-facing team members. Product marketing and sales enablement departments can and should collaborate in all of these scenarios to ensure that reps are fully prepared to maximize every engagement they have. And if you’re in charge of sales enablement, you’ll need a plan in place to ensure that each pillar is efficiently executed.


  1. Continuous readiness – In addition, product marketing and sales enablement should collaborate as part of continuous readiness programs to keep reps up to date on the entire product portfolio.


The most up-to-date and advanced capabilities. Rapid innovation necessitates rapid readiness. No one will benefit from the latest gizmos if merchants are unable to sell them. As a result, salespeople must be able to describe and position the benefits of each new product iteration in terms of messaging.

The launch of a new product. Sales readiness should be a significant component of new product deadlines, among the many elements on marketing’s checklist, so that reps can start making sales on launch day.


Datasheets, Q&As, e-learning modules, and dedicated coaching may all help salespeople position new goods successfully based on the roles of buyers, industry-specific demands, and pain points. Practicing and simulations are also very important. Reps were a vital presence at our launching when I worked with a large software business, assisting them through a major product launch. During real role-plays with the executive team, we put their new product knowledge to the test. The executives, who had positions and titles that mimicked those of target purchasers, interrogated salesmen about product features and benefits.

The wide range of products available. When salespeople don’t commonly cross-sell and upsell, it’s usually due to a lack of confidence and competence. They’re probably well-versed in their company’s main offerings but aren’t ready to position the company’s ancillary offerings. This chasm should be filled via enablement initiatives.


  1. Transformational Readiness – The first example, with the frightened rep ready to make his first call on a CEO, perfectly exemplifies transformative readiness. This pillar entails reboarding the entire field team in such a way that any negative impact on productivity or income is minimized. When sales organizations need to significantly change the type of buyer discussions or with whom they’re having those conversations, transformational readiness comes into play. Mergers and acquisitions, new sales tactics, new markets reached, and new sorts of purchasers are all examples of this. When you ask your salespeople to have quite different discussions with buyers than they do now, and there is a significant gap in their ability and confidence to have these new conversations, you know you’re in the midst of a shift.


  1. Reactive Readiness – Whether your company is facing a product recall, a hostile takeover attempt, or the merger of two competitors, reactive preparedness is about making your salespeople message-ready in hours. Any positive or negative news about the firm or its competitors, as well as geopolitical events that can influence sales. In these situations, the field team must be ready and certified almost immediately in order to provide on-message responses to customers and prospects while fending off competition invasions.


Are your salespeople prepared? Is all of that training and coaching paying off? The MindTickle platform can assist you in finding answers to these crucial issues. You see tangible results from the training, coaching, and enablement you provide your client-facing staff thanks to the power of data-driven sales preparedness.


Sales reps can give maximum value to customers and close more deals with MindTikcle’s award-winning solutions for sales onboarding, continuing training, coaching and practice, content development, and more. MindTickle is a sales readiness platform that helps fast-growing organizations prepare their salespeople and partners in a scalable and effective way. It includes onboarding, product training, coaching, and ongoing preparedness. MindTickle has demonstrated its ability to shorten new sales reps’ ramp-up times while also enhancing overall sales team productivity.