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How Driscoll Reflective Model Can Simplify Your Nursing Assignment?


For those who are pursuing a nursing course, Driscoll Reflective Model is a really important topic that one needs to understand. The model is used to help the students write a reflective essay of any occurring incident or a patient’s issues by enhancing some of the key features of the essay. Students of nursing are often assigned a task to write a reflective essay to understand their perspective of any incident and when there is any sort of issue in writing the essay, students have to apply the concept of any particular reflective model. Let us take a look at what Driscoll reflective model is and how it can simplify a student’s nursing assignment.

What is Driscoll Reflective Model?

Driscoll reflective model is a model that is used by students while writing a reflective essay about a patient’s problem or any sort of professional incident. The model revolves around the three questions that a student has to answer to satisfy the Driscoll reflective model and these are –

  • WHAT?
  • SO WHAT?
  • NOW, WHAT?

These 3 questions are the basic details of every incident that happens as what serves as the reason for the incident, so what serves as the outcomes of that particular incident, and now what serves as the necessary measures taken to neutralize the situation. All in all, you can say that this helps a student in actually expressing their feeling and reflecting their thought process at the moment more vividly and easily.

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How can it simplify the Nursing Assignment?

Writing a reflective essay is one of the toughest things to do for any students as they must have the skills that it requires to be able to show what you exactly felt in the movement and how did you overcome the situation without losing your temper or patience. When a student uses the Driscoll reflective model, they instantly have the basic plan of what factors do they have to list out and which feelings will fall in which section. The model provides a well-defined structure that a student’s confusion of how to begin and how to end the essay is solved at then and there only.

It is easily understandable that using this model simplifies the writing process as the outline is available now all a student has to do is answer a few questions according to the demand of the section and they are done. Don’t forget that this model also requires you to be reflective in your writing so while the model simplifies the process, you are still required to have a great command of language.

Final Outcome

If you are a student who has been assigned one such task and you are not sure about whether you will be able to complete it effectively or not, then don’t worry as you can get help from the experts. Using the Driscoll reflective model is easy, the main issue here is that most of the students lack writing and that is what stops them from scoring well. So make sure that the next time you are assigned a task of completing a reflective essay, you do not skip on this model as it is a great help for the students.