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How Elevator Moderations Save You Money

Residential Elevators

As a building manager or owner, you know that elevators can prove to be one of the most time-consuming and money sapping factors of building maintenance. If you continue to experience breakdowns, or your elevators appear out of date it not only leads to more investment in repairs but can also interfere with the perceived value of renting office or living space in your building.

If complete elevator replacement is not in the budget, you can make moderations to your elevators to improve operational efficiencies and their general appearance. Here’s how elevator moderations can save you money.

Improved Reliability

Moderations to major components of your elevator can ensure safe and smooth operation while reducing the cost of ongoing repairs. As your elevators age, they require increased repairs, which adds up over time. It is usually far more budget-friendly to invest in replacing major components to help you save money in the long run. For example, installing an AC motor in hand with drive replacement improves operational efficiency and rider experience. This also improves tenant satisfaction, which can in turn reduce tenant turnover.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Old elevators with DC motors cost a fortune in energy consumption. The less efficient your elevators, the more drain it has on electricity. Moderations to improve energy efficiency will improve performance and reduce how much money you spend each month on utilities. It won’t take long before you see your investment shows savings that help offset the costs such as replacing old motors with an AC motor. Moderation can assist with:

  • Improved power factor correction
  • Higher operational efficiency
  • Less heat generation to reduce AC use
  • A decrease in BYU loading

All of these things translated into improved energy efficiency.

Reduced Down Time

Tenants become frustrated with constant elevator downtime very quickly. Not only is it inconvenient, but it also puts tenants at risk in buildings with several floors. Many people are unable to go up and downstairs easily, which can put your building at risk for accidents and lawsuits. With elevator moderations, you reduce downtime for maintenance and breakdowns and improve tenant satisfaction and safety.

Increased Perceived Value

Tenants for both residential and commercial buildings are easily turned off by obvious signs a building is outdated. While some architectural and design details of certain eras add a certain retro charm, other less attractive features such as rickety old elevators have the opposite effect. Old, poorly operating elevators can chase away existing tenants and keep new tenants from signing a lease. Moderations to the appearance of the elevator in hand with improvements and upgrades to major components can create an improved rider experience that increases the perceived value of your building.

Improved Rider Safety

Elevators in need of repair can put riders at risk for the following accidents:

  • Getting trapped for long periods of time
  • The risk of falls due to poor floor precision alignment
  • Injury from doors that close too quickly
  • Falls due to acceleration or deceleration issues

Elevator moderations improve rider comfort and reduce the risk of mishaps due to faulty operation. Whether it is investing in aesthetic updates, new AC digital drives, converting to an AC motor, drive replacement or introducing smart controllers, home elevator moderations save money in the long run.