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How Get I Started My Freelancing Career?


Hi! Folks, I hope you are doing well and great, as we know, in the recent events worldwide. Due to the COVID-19 situation, we are stuck in our house and have nothing to do. Everyone has gone through the pandemics. I thought to share my own story with you about how to start my freelancing career at a minimal cost. Well, sit back and hold tight this will be a long story. Most readers might be laughing to read my story, But don’t worry, it will be a good time spend source for you. Well, I was born up in the late 1990s. As we know 90s kid has a unique childhood experienced.

How I Get into This

One day I was in the room searching for a web development course for myself to get knowledge own I usually surf youtube a lot. I just saw a video on Youtube. How do I earn from Web Development? I opened the video and watched it. The video motivates me a lot, and now I am ready to learn some new things to earn some money. I enrolled in an online course about web development. Later on, the course is boring, so I left the course.

In the online course, I met a guy he is with me in the online course he worked in a software company and developed software and website for the clients. I asked him for an internship he introduces me to his company.

I started working there and learn a lot of things. Some of the web development course studies work for me there. The office is about Developing software and websites for different clients and has a team for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I shifted to the SEO team because the admin needs me to learn these things too. I am gaining interest in SEO more than web development. After working there for around 1.5 years, I started to take a step ahead and started my website related to the blog. I write some blogs for the website, and it is about status and messages on different occasions. I don’t have much time to update the website, so I decided to shut it down because I cannot correctly manage it.

In this duration, I learn a lot more things in SEO and Web-Development. I promoted it means the workload will be double.

Intro about Fiverr, Freelancer, and Upwork

After so much SEO knowledge, I think now this is the right time to sell my services, and now it is the time to earn some extra money through my skills. I just registered myself on Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, and start working on it. In the early days, there will be no test or exam conducted by this platform. You are free to make your gig and published it. I do the same I make some gig published on Fiverr. Bid on some freelancing projects on freelancer or Upwork. But did not get a single order Upwork and freelancer. I got my 1st order on Fiverr, and it is about a $5 order. The guy needs a guest post on Ted.com. I give him, later on, he is arguing with me on a different topic. After completing his order, he finally agrees to pay me, but I don’t know as I am new on Fiverr. Fiverr clear the funds in 21 days. It was heartbroken for me like you worked for a guy he paid you, but you cannot withdraw the money until he showed up in your account.

After completing 21 days, Fiverr cleared the funds, and I started working on it but did not get a single order from Fiverr again, still in the present. I know there are many more people who worked on Fiverr and earned well, but honestly, I don’t like Fiverr and other platforms.

Sale Via Social Media

Later I got to know there are a lot of ways to earn. I surfed social media pages, and groups join them. Attend some free webinars to earn something. Learn a lot of things from webinars and applied them in real life as well. After spending a lot of time on some groups, I know how the peoples get so many orders on Fiverr and how to rank up your Fiverr profile. Most of the guys usually help each other as I have a Fiverr gig. I request my friend to buy the gig from me, and I worked for him, and he paid me via Fiverr. Fiverr cut their amount, and the rest of the amount was mine, and my friend gives me a 5-star rating & review. The procedure goes on and on. Once the profile gets some rating, Fiverr boosts the ranking, and now you can get orders from others. You need to figure out a lot more things, like how to write a Gig description and price, etc.

After spending some time on these techniques, I finally get into the groups where I found some Guest posts sites. I use these sites for my office work also. I researched the market and posted a Guest Post Available on the sites on Facebook groups. I got 100s of messages. Some of them are just wanted some information, and some of them wanted the Guest Post. I sell my first Guest Post on reddit.com on Facebook. Later the list goes long and long till now. I got many orders from Facebook, but there will be an issue regarding payment. Whenever I got a payment on PayPal, PayPal holds my payment. Due to this hold, I lost almost $200 in PayPal.

I got a big order from Facebook. The client was from India, and she gave me 30+ post-order for guest posts, and I earned from her almost $500. It was a big order for me. I completed the order and cleared the payment. After that, I worked on Facebook a lot and getting orders from there.

Final Words

I just started a website for guest posting services. I plan to start a network of websites and offer a guest post on my website so that the profit will be mine. Jointhegrave.com is the website. If anybody wants any guest post on it, please contact me. I earned almost $1.2k per month from freelancing and worked as an SEO expert too in my company. Almost every project is Top in google, and clients are satisfied with me. Recently buy an expired domain bearnobull.com for guest posting.

Let me know what you think about my story. I hope it will be an excellent example for you to start up a career in Freelancing. Branding in the Digital age is easy now as compared to old age.