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How Is a Bong in Canada Used for Smoking?

How Is a Bong in Canada Used for Smoking?

A bong in Canada is very popular as a smoking instrument as it offers you the best way to relish smoking cannabis. Of course, there are different ways to smoke cannabis; still, the bongs are most popular to enjoy smoking it. Some of the stoners think that nothing can beat the high you get from a bong that you may buy from a bong shop. However, you can call it a personal perception, as different smoking instruments have distinct qualities; for the same reason, they get sold in Canada.

Bong, Its Obvious Advantages, and What Bongs Are Made up of:-

You should know that smoking a bong has some obvious advantages. For instance, a bong can provide you with a cooler and smoother smoking experience, and it’s a better alternative to smoking cigarettes. However, not everyone has know-how how to smoke a bong correctly. You should know one thing about bong that it’s less harsh to smoke. Typically, bongs are made from durable glass, such as ‘Borosilicate’; you can also find the bongs made from acrylic, wood, and other materials.

Different Components of a Bong:-

If you want to have the best experience while smoking a bong in Canada, you need to know that the different components are used for smoking a bong, mentioned below.

  • Bowl: It’s the part of your bong that holds your bud. Note that many bongs have a small opening, called a carb hole.
  • Stem: The bowl of a bong gets attached to a tube, called a stem. The stem of a bong is partially submerged in water.
  • Base: Base is the component of a bong that is at the bottom and holds the water. It’s also where the smoke forms while bubbling out from the water.
  • Chamber: You can also call it a tube, and it’s a large cylinder. It is where the smoke passes through before reaching the mouthpiece.
  • Mouthpiece: It’s the large opening at the top of a bong. As the name indicates, it is the part where you put your mouth to inhale the smoke.

Preparing Your Bong:-

Before you smoke your bong, you will need to do some preparation. In the first place, fill your bong with fresh water. Add enough water such that the portion of the stem is submerged. Next, you will need to fill the bowl with cannabis before putting the stem into the bong. Use your fingers or a grinder to pack your bowl while breaking down your bud into small pieces. If your bong has a carb hole, close the carb hole with your thumb before taking your hit. Now, you will need to light up your bowl that will be in the bowl. Put your mouth on the mouthpiece and be ready to draw the smoke into the bong until you have collected the desired amount, and enjoy your bong rips.

How Should You Clean Your Bong?

Cleaning the bong that you may buy from a bong shop is very important if you want to enjoy the best flavour and enjoy the best rips with a smooth high. Also, remember that unclean bong will be very bad for your health. Here is how to clean your bong:

  1. Throw away the bong water after your sessions.
  2. Rinse your bong with some warm water.
  3. With a paper towel, wipe your bong and let the piece dry. You are done!

If you use hot water in your bong, it will offer you a smooth ad very pleasant hit. Use water around the same temperature, just like a cup of tea, to evade throat irritation. On the other hand, if you use cold water in a bong, it will cool the smoke, in contrast to warming it up, and it helps to produce a thick & milky hit. The cold water helps to condense the smoke, making the hit more potent. But there is a downside of inhaling the cool smoke; that is, it’s harsher on the throat. On the whole, the use of hot or cold water for smoking a bong comes down to your personal preference. Hot water is a huge bonus if you cough a lot, and the cold water will offer you a dense hit of cannabinoids.


You can easily purchase a bong in Canada from a bong shop; moreover, you may save enough money as many bong shops offer bongs at discounted prices in Canada if you buy them online. There are several advantages of smoking a bong, and one of those advantages is that the bong offer stoners a pleasant and smoother hit. There are five different bong components that you need to know about, which include bowl, stem, base, chamber, and mouthpiece. Before you begin smoking a bong, you will need to do some preparation. There is a straightforward process to clean a bong that involves throwing the water leftover in your bong after your smoking sessions and rinsing your bong with some warm water, wiping, and drying it. To sum up, you can either use cold or hot water in a bong, based on your personal preference.

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