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How long do face fillers stay on your face?


From back in time, people have been trying various cosmetic products to get rid of their skin issues like wrinkles, aging signs, even skin tone, or anything else. But they are unaware that they are filled with harmful chemicals that tend to damage your skin even further. Besides this, people also resort to natural remedies to get rid of the same. But now, these things have become a thing of the past. Presently, numerous skin and cosmetic treatments are there to cater to every small need of the people. One such thing to help people with their wrinkles and give them smooth and young skin is the face fillers. Face fillers are also known as dermal fillers. They are much over what skincare products can do. This is the main reason that people are shifting towards face fillers. Let us know more about the face fillers and how long they last. 

Face fillers 

One’s skin begins to lose when a person ages and gets old. Along with this, you will also notice the muscles and fat on your face going thin. As a result, it will eventually lead to the appearance of wrinkles and dull and dry skin. But these age-related issues are very effectively tackled with face fillers. These fillers will smooth outlines, restore lost volume, and plump up the skin. These fillers are made up of gel-like substances, and the doctor injects these beneath your skin. Besides this, these require minimal downtime as it is a minimally invasive procedure. 

How long do face fillers last? 

The results of face fillers are not the same for everyone and might vary from person to person like the other skincare procedures. For example, some face fillers last for 6-12 months, whereas other face fillers can last for as long as 2-5 years. One of the most famous face fillers consists of hyaluronic acid that stimulates the production of elastin and collagen in the body. It also gives your skin a hydrated and plump look. Some of the popular brands of face fillers include Juvaderm, Radiesse, Restylane, and Sculptra. All these usually last for around one year. 

Factors affecting the longevity of face fillers 

Various factors tend to affect the longevity of the face fillers. The factors influencing the results of face fillers are mentioned below: 

The most prominent factor affecting the results of the filler is where they are used in your face. 

Secondly, how much the filler is injected into your face also decides the longevity of the filler. 

Lastly, it is the speed at which your body metabolizes the material, determining how long the filler will stay on your face. 

The fillers will slowly begin to degrade after being injected in the first few months. But the results will remain the same as face fillers can absorb the water. But in the midway, you will start to notice its volume shrinking down. 

How to find the right filler for yourself?

It is something to be discussed with your doctor. On your part, you can do a little bit of research and come up with some questions to be asked during your appointment. Check the list of approved face fillers by the FDA. Also, see whether the filler is reversible or not, as this is the most vital thing over here. Once you determine what’s best for you, younger and clear skin is not so far. For the best results, ensure that you get a certified dermatologist to perform this on you. 


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